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Epuffer is a Global company and world leader in the electronic cigarette and vaporizer manufacturing industry. The company has headquarters at three different locations, i.e., United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. They offer a full range of electronic devices to over one million smokers in 26 countries. Epuffer has been featuring on many national television and radio networks. Their products have helped many smokers to cut down or quit smoking or even use smoke-free alternatives to tobacco. Epuffer has won many awards, was announced as one of the best health trends of 2009 and possible best quit smoking product of 2010.



Smoking is something that has been around for a long time now. For decades cigarette smoking was quite popular, a symbol of wealth and social status and an indicator of social standing. Traditional smoking went unchecked for ages and not seen to be a health threat until people began realizing that smoking can actually kill them. Since smoking can be dreadful due to its negative health effects, it has taken a new form, vaping. E-cigarette was a new intervention in technology, introduced to the world. In 2007, the electronic cigarette industry did not really exist and there was not a viable alternative for smokers who wanted to switch tobacco for a healthier alternative. It quickly became so popular and began replacing traditional cigarette for many who were making the switch for any reason.

The Epuffer team has played a vital role in developing the e-cigarette market in U.S, across the UK, and in Europe to make e-cigs an essential part of people's lives. The team is continuously progressing in leaps and bounds. Their experts have developed a true nicotine free formula that satisfies the cravings of smokers.




Epuffers has become an integral part, of how people enjoy smoke-free lives, by developing a large variety of products. They design, manufacture, and distribute electronic cigarettes, electronic cigars, electronic pipes, vaporizers, e-liquid, cartridges, as well as accessories.        



An average discount offer at epuffer is $10.



Epuffer offers free First Class shipping for U.S but the order must be minimum $50 or more. Please note free shipping is offered for opting USPS (The U.S Postal Service). If free shipping is selected, Epuffer does not offer any guarantee of delivery or accept any liability for lost orders. If you have any delivery issue then contact your local post office. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email confirmation with an order tracking number and information to track your package. Epuffer also offers free shipping for Canadian orders of $100 or more and $5.00 flat rate shipping on orders $50 or more.



Epuffer offers you 30 days Money Back Guarantee. They will let you test drive for 30 days with no risk. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for any reason within 30 days from the date of purchase with receipt. They also offer you One Year Limited Warranty for USB and Wall chargers.



1. What is an Electronic Cigarette?

 An E-Cigarette is a device that imitates the way traditional cigarette works. It releases puffs of vaporized liquids, which contain nicotine. This is healthier as compared to the smoke of the average cigarette. E-Cig comes in various designs and sizes, most common form are tubes and pipes. An E-Cig has three primary parts, the Inhaler, the Atomizer, and the Battery. These parts can be assembled and disassemble at your will, so you can change things around and upgrade the parts if you wish.


2. What is the nicotine level in an e-cigarette?

E-Cig can have various nicotine levels, depending on the juice you are using. There are juices and liquids are 100% nicotine free. Some have low nicotine, medium nicotine, and high nicotine. High nicotine is usually the same kind of level found in a stronger cigarette, and suits to those who want to slowly decrease their intake.


3. Which are e-cigarette perfect for the beginners?

 Magnum e-cigs are the size of a regular cigarette, it is lightweight and much easier to use. Thus, it is perfect for the beginners, because they have the same look and feel as the real thing. Due to its size and look, some people prefer this to bulk size vape pens.




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