10 Wonderful Gifts For Your Newly Engaged Friend

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Most of the time, we get confused when it comes to gifting friends who recently got engaged. That is why we have summed up the best gift you can give to your friends who just got engaged. These gifts are really thoughtful and creative. Buy one of these gifts for your newly engaged friend to show how happy you are for them.

1 - This Future Mrs. Bottle because staying hydrated is important

With the stress of planning a wedding, soon-to-be brides tend to stop drinking the amount of water they should be drinking daily due to stress and being so busy all the time. This is why the bottle is perfect because the future Mrs. Bottle text looks really cute and also because staying hydrated is extremely important for a soon-to-be bride since you want the bride's skin to glow. This is a really thoughtful gift, honestly.

2 - Nothing says gift other than a sweet-scented candle

This OMG you are engaged in the candle is perfect for giving your best friend who recently got engaged because it shows you are happy for her, and you want her to remember her happy every time she lights up this candle. Plus, this candle smells fantastic, o say the least. It's also vegan so, you should definitely buy this.

3 - Head to your friend house with a Diamond ring-shaped foil balloon

How can you ever celebrate anything without not having a balloon insight? No balloon will be better than a ring-shaped engagement one! It's the perfect gift to celebrate your friend's engagement. Also, it's like 12 inches tall, the bigger, the better!

4 - A personalized frame for your friend

Get a picture of your friend's photos from the proposal framed by adding the engagement date on the frame along with a cute quote. It will count as a really thoughtful gift, and it's something your friend can place in their home because it will always remind them of their special moment.

5 - You know what your soon-to-be-bride friend needs the most? A subscription to bridal magazines

This will be the perfect gift for your friend because it will help her out in picking what kind of dress, she wants for her wedding day, what sort of venue she should decide for her wedding and other important things related to her marriage and the days leading up to her wedding day. It's the perfect magazine for the soon-to-be brides.

6 - A personalized ring dish so, your friend can keep her ring on it

Keeping the engagement ring in a secure place is really important, by gifting your friend a personalized ring dish, they will always be able to put their engagement ring on it and will not forget it anywhere else. Plus, the personalized initials of the couple will look really adorable on the dish.

7 - A Personalized "Story of Us" frame

Get a personalized frame with pictures of every critical milestone moment your friend and her partner spent together. It will count as the best thoughtful gift. It comes with four slots for the pictures so, they can put photos in the future as well.

8 - A diamond cleaner to make the engagement ring shine forever

This diamond cleaner pack is perfect for a newly engaged friend because nothing matters more than the engagement ring and making sure the diamond never fades away. It cleans not only diamonds but other types of jewelry stones as well.

9 - A customized map mountain print to remember all the trips taken together as a couple

Get creative with your gifts, and instead of gifting your friend an annoying and familiar gift, gift this customized map mountain map, which will consist of plans of all the places your friend and their partner have gone on a trip together. It's up to you if you want to give the print only or get the print framed.

10 - A bedazzled bride tote bag so, the bride can always have enough space to keep her wedding-related things

Let the world know your friend is a soon-to-be bride by giving her this tote bag, which has a bride written on it. It will be useful for your friend because she will be able to use it to carry her shopping items whenever she goes out for wedding shopping!