What Your Eyes Color Tells About You

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Ever wonder what's the sensitive and most important part of your body?? It's your eyes. A person is incomplete without it. Many persons are not able to enjoy and praise the beauty around them without sight. Eyes can tell you everything; they never lie, so if you want to understand and know a person, you have to read their eyes. Although nowadays lenses are prevailing but they can never replace the beauty of the original color of eyes. Eyes have different colors and these can help you to better understand the person so here are some colors that defines your personality.


Dark black color is rare. People having black eyes are passionate and loyal. They are hardworking and responsible to and practical too. They have a mysterious personality.


This eye color is common, here I am talking about all brown color, the light brown, dark brown and medium brown. People having brown color are too friendly. They are very confident, they have an attractive personality and are very creative, they are jolly and care about others; they tend to develop friendly approach as compare to others. They are self-assured and great lover too. They will always be there for you whenever you need.


These people mostly have cool temper. They are caring and wise. They are dominant. They tend to take interest in their work. They think deeply and can handle any situation easily.


People having green eyes stays strong and they try to keep them fresh. They also have some jealousy factor and have dual personality. They are beautiful. They are enthusiastic and have an enquiring approach.


Basically hazel is the mixture of brown and grey. They are a little mysterious people. They got bore easily. They love adventure and love to try new things. They got annoyed quickly. They do not get attached with someone easily. Although they are good people but their friendship or relationship does not stay longer.


Well blue color seems to be more attractive than rest of; mostly people desire to have this color. People having blue eyes are very deep and sensitive. They tend to develop friendship easily and can mingle up easily. They can keep you secrets well. They can flirt easily. I hope that this will be helpful for you all, to have some awareness about the eyes. If not all, than some facts will definitely be true. Well may be you want to know about me, here you go, I have dark brown eyes. Just keep one thing in your mind, appreciate and be true to yourself and try to find positivity and beauty in each and every thing, if your inner sight is good than you will definitely see the goodness and glamour everywhere.