What To Do Before Christmas?

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Very soon the Christmas will come! Our houses are preparing the last preparations for this bright holiday. What should be done before the holiday, how to make for it?


Renovate and decorate the home: On the eve of the holiday is already clean and cozy, a beautiful-Christmas tree stands in its sparkling fragile outfit. But the decoration of Christmas should still be different from the New Year. To emphasize this, it is possible to replace the peak crowning the tree with a star-eight-pointed star, reminiscent of the Bethlehem star. It was she who ascended in the sky when the Child Jesus was born. You can hang toy angels around the house if you like this decor. But what is really important - an honorable place in the home should take before the holiday icon "Christmas," decorated with a wreath of fir branches. If the family has children, it's very cool to build a toy tabletop: the cave in which the baby Jesus was born. In its depth, set a Christmas card, and all the toy witnesses of the birth of Jesus Christ are placed in the foreground: sheep, donkeys, and oxen. The handicapped mothers even open full shops of toy sheep before Christmas, making fur, woolen, rags, or just plasticized lambs with their own children. Then the cowherd boys appear so that the whole herd does not wander. And they all gradually gather around the cave with a postcard depicting the birth of the Child Jesus.


Prepare gifts: Previously, it was Christmas that was the main winter holiday, to which everyone gave gifts to each other. Today this tradition has moved to the New Year. If so happened in your family, just try to have Christmas, your loved ones, and guests receive small but very spiritual souvenirs. Let it be an intricate candle, a book with Christmas stories, author's chocolate, bought at a festive fair, or beautifully packed gingerbread houses baked with their own hands, whatever! Believe me, the joy of cooking and giving to relatives even a few surprises will provide you with a good mood before the holiday and during it. At Christmas, it is appropriate to provide all kinds of candles and candlesticks, beautifully designed books, especially classics, warm, cozy things, especially scarves, mittens, hats, sweaters, blankets, ornaments, souvenirs, dishes, baskets with chocolate, nuts & honey. A fragrant biscuit batch: Christmas cake, French Christmas log, German Christmas cake, English Christmas cake with dried fruits, candied fruits, and nuts.


Russian figured gingerbread, all kinds of jams in beautiful jars, baskets filled with delicacies, in which can be, for example, wine, caviar, and fruit.


Prepare a treat: The Christmas table is responsible and fast comes to an end, and the table should be sure with a lot of meat dishes and pastries according to tradition, Christmas Eve is celebrated. The table on Christmas Eve is still lean, strict, and restrained. It should have 13 cold or warm (but not hot) lean dishes that are supposed to try everything. First of all, you need to cook a sweet slice made of copha and mixed fruit plus cold ham and cold turkey. It is a delicious dish made from wheat grains or rice with raisins and honey. Sometimes it is also added poppy and walnuts since it begins the traditional feast on Christmas Eve. Then follow the vinaigrette, mushroom and eggplant caviar, other vegetable snacks and salads, as well as fish caviar, salted and smoked fish, herring. It is also appropriate to prepare soup for a feast on Christmas Eve fish or mushroom, lean borsch, and pies - with potatoes, mushrooms, cabbage, and fish. Christmas table, the turn of which comes the next day after all the festive church services, is quite another matter. He must literally burst from the dishes! The center of the Christmas feast is traditionally stuffed with apple goose (or duck). Also, all kinds of meat dishes should be prepared for the Christmas table: baked pork roast, fragrant, tender cutlets, as well as any cold snacks: meat pies, sausage and ham cuts, salads with meat or poultry and chill are appropriate. Traditionally, Christmas pies are also prepared with pies: with meat, giblets, fish, mushroom, with eggs and onions, sweet. This entire splendor should be made as soon as possible, because Christmas is a holiday, and it is not necessary to work on this day.


Create a festive mood or Christmas spirit: For cares and feasts, it is essential not to miss the sensation of the miracle that descends upon us on the day of the Nativity of Christ. Before Christmas, you need to tune in to it. This can help, for example, family reading. Many legends, stories, stories, tales, and poems about the Holy Nights are written at different times in many countries... Some of them are about those events that took place long ago, 2018 years ago. Others - about what miracles happen to people on Christmas Day, but they are all about love. The most important thing to do when preparing for Christmas is, firstly, to participate in everything that appeals to we are in these days the church - in church services. Secondly, on the eve of Christmas, a conscientious, honest look inside oneself is crucial, including confession and repentance from the heart. It is necessary to participate in the sacraments, in the Holy Communion. This is what really gives meaning, content transforms the human person on the path to Christ. And everything else - gingerbread houses, magi, cowherd boys and nativity scenes - all this is a significant part of our Christmas tradition, but it all makes no sense if there is no Christ in the heart. "