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11 Trending Homecoming Dresses Under $60

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Remember the big Homecoming dance we told you about before? Are you ready to grasp the coveted title of Homecoming Queen? You need a stunning dress fit for royalty! From sparkling mermaid sequins and silky satin to timeless prints, it's time to find your homecoming dress! Here are our top trending Homecoming dresses for your first dance of the new school year, and all for less than $60! Let's check it out!

1. High Low A Line Homecoming Dresses

Born to stand out, these three orange A-line Homecoming dresses feature strapless and sexy V necklines and flowy high low hems that just beg to be danced in! No matter the silhouette you choose, you can't go wrong with these vibrant dresses for homecoming.  

2. Star Print Homecoming Dresses

Seeing stars? Us too! This collection is a star lover's dream! Gold and silver stars are embroidered and sequined in metallic giving a delightful starlight quality to the dresses in this collection. These fun dresses add a touch of whimsy to your homecoming look and require very little in the way of accessories. They are perfect for homecoming!  

3. Sexy Fitted Velvet Homecoming Dresses

Moody and chic, this 90s comeback is back again! Chic velvet homecoming dresses are the staple you didn't know your homecoming was missing. These hot LVDs (little velvet dresses) are perfect if you're looking for an edgier homecoming look.  

4. One Shoulder Homecoming Dresses


If you're looking for a more formal and demure homecoming look, try out more beautiful dresses from everpretty gowns. Each of these dresses comes in varying lengths and the ruffles add a bit of play to your homecoming look.