Tragic Story Of Some Celebrities

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As a society, we get ourselves intrigued by both celebrity and tattle. Whether we get a kick out of the chance to let it out or not, we all are interested at any rate to some degree, by other individuals' grimy clothing. We all have our favorite heroes who stimulate us, who move us and who we simply believe are absolute cool, and they are our idols. In case on the off chance that you have ever persuade a tabloid or celebrity blog you will realize that most by far of well-known celebs aren't anyplace close as commendable as we would like them to be. It reliefs us put our own particular lives into viewpoint. May be we feel a conviction that all is good when we see somebody of unmistakable quality take a hit, since it offers us some assistance with realizing nobody is insusceptible to the prate falls of life. Perhaps we simply get a kick out of the chance to chuckle at others inconveniences and think there is our kinder side that feels for the individuals who are enduring. All things considered, these are individuals we have taken into our homes in some structure and lucid or not, we think of them as loved ones. Drug misuse, liquor abuse, irrational sex to murdering are regular incidences among the famous celebs and after that obviously are the stories of motivation figuring out how some of our most loved personalities overcame crushing chances to end up the achieves we know. Whatever the reason, it's a continually enthralling to discover more about our most loved famous people's families and their past and present and how they feel about it.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is in his 50's, and he is distant from everyone else. He depicts the misfortunes he had endured in his life, loaded with demolition, as uncalled and bizarre His life is emphasized by consistent catastrophe and it is hard not to respect his valiance once you discover what he has been through. In 1967 Samuel Nowlin Reeves (Keanu's father) surrendered his family, his wife Patricia Taylor and two youngsters Keanu and Kim. Keanu was just 3. They lived in Lebanon, Australia and New York, before settling down in Toronto. Keanu went to his dad every so often till he was 6. After he turned 13.He went to him one final time at his Hawaiian Ranch. In 1993, Keanu's closest companion and kindred performer River Phoenix, 23, overdosed on a lethal invention of cocaine, morphine and valium and he passed 1998. Keanu met Jennifer Syme, a youthful performer. The two fell instantly in love in 1999, Syme brought forth a deceased baby girl, year and a half later, Syme expired in a car accident. And the worse, his sister fell sick because of her decade long fight with Leukemia. The cancer inevitably fell into reduction; even now she is still battling the sickness.

Woody Harrelson

Harrelson was conceived towards the beginning of the 60's, in Midland, Texas, then migrated to Ohio on the cusp of his high schools. The family was faithfully religious. Harrelson was a schoolboy minister and went to a Presbyterian school. His father Charles Harrelson was a contract executioner, sentenced for the killing of a grain merchant and after that later for the murder of a government judge. He once boasted that he had taken part in the Kennedy death. Woody Harrelson learned of his father's questionable vocation surprisingly at age 12, years after the man had fled leaving his mom to raise him and his two siblings alone.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer has barely talked about the 2008 murder of her mom, brother and 7 year old nephew. Presently Jennifer's reality had been traumatized to the staple, her cherished family establishment demolished in an amazingly ruthless frenzy. The nightmarish started on Oct.24. The vocalist's relatives were executed by her brother in law William Balfour who is currently spending life in prison in the wake of being indicted in 2012.Opening up about the subject in another interview, the singer states she figured out how to overcome it with the support of her child David who she brought forth in 2009. Since bond Jennifer's life link has been unfortunately broken. Be that as it may, the individuals who know her best say the lady who has raised herself up despite seemingly insurmountable opposition before will do as such once more.

Charlize Theron

For about 10 years, Chalize Theron has been one of Hollywood ensured goddesses, 5 feet 10 inches of moment ceasing. The tragic incident begins one night when Theron was 15 years old and had quiet recently returned home from boarding. Her parents had a harried marriage; however separation was just impossible among their companions in South Africa around them. On the night of june 21, 1991, Theron's dad and his brother were returning home after an episode of drinking. A close relative called to caution of his distress. When he arrived home, he started shooting, firs at the bolted entryway to the home, then through the kitchen entryway, as indicated by her mom's later confirmation. He started salaaming furiously against the entryway of Charlize's room and shouting that today he is going to kill them both with his shotgun. After his threat, Theron's father shot his gun again into her room. Her mom got her own particular handgun and shot the two men, assassinating her spouse and injuring his brother. Her mother was not indicted as powers ruled she had pulled shot him four times in self-defense.

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby who has been known as "American's Dad" , has had five children of his own with wife Camille and the 77 year old performer's family life has been touched by troubles and catastrophe. Cosby's little girls and his wife of over 50 years have dependably been savagely private, and they have not talked openly on the present contention encompassing the entertainer, who strands blamed for sexual misuse by more than a dozen ladies. The couple just son, Ennis,was killed in 1997. He was shot to death at age 27 amid an endeavored theft on a Los Angles road slope as he attempted to change a punctured tire. Ennis had earned an expert's in training and was seeking after a doctorate at Columbia University. Despite of facing the hurdles and tough time these celebrities did not lost hope. This show how much committed and motivated they are towards their work. Because they know that life moves on and they have to move through it, instead of cursing their fate they accumulated all their strength and are leading a better life than most of us.