Top 10 Shopping Trend Spined

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Shopping online is at its peak. Retailers of numerous kinds are increasing item offerings, including store pickup, free dispatching and trying different things with online networking. Every one of them are rethinking how we'll shop online later on. Be it by means of a cell phone, tablet PC, in-store stand or PC, the lines are obscuring and the outcome will be both good and bad for online shoppers. To begin with the bad side . Along with excess use of online shopping scams and identity thefts have become more common. Sooner or later there will be tax on online shopping as government is playing on it already. But there are many things we should look forward to shop online as stores like Each Buyer, Pet Bucket , Blendtec and many more are providing free shipping on all orders . Stores like V2 Cigs, Vapor Couture are providing with money back warranty. And you can find hundreds and thousands of coupon codes to get great discounts from online stores . There are some precautions which everyone should take while shopping online to save themselves from getting scammed, theft or ending up buying the product without any discounts.

10 important things you should keep in mind while shopping online are:

1. Don't give away too much of your information , name ; address; zip code and contact number is enough for delivery purpose . No online store requires your social security number and date of birth for delivery or to complete shopping process, but if hackers get both of these with your credit card number they can do a great deal of damage. 2. Don't leave you PC or Laptop unprotected, install a a good anti-virus or internet security system to save your data from being penetrated by the hackers through viruses and their different techniques. 3. Try to choose the familiar websites you have been shopping with. And on shopping from any new website try to do a little bit of research on it. You don't know much but Google knows everything J 4. You should know what can be true and what's too good to be true, there are many people there to scam you but you should not trust everyone on the offers you see, investigate the offers and use your brain whether the offer given is can be true or not. 5. Use passwords with combinations of upper case and lower case letters and numbers, so that it becomes difficult for someone to break through. 6. Always save a copy of your order. An invoice is sent to you by an e-mail or is shown at the time you check out from the website with all your order and its details, save it to cross check your order and its details like warranty, quantity, color, price etc. at time of delivery. 7. Always read all the policies of the website like shipping and return policy, privacy policy, terms and conditions; so that if they go against it you can complain them. It will also help you in understanding the way the certain online store works and whether you should buy the product or not. 8. Shop from the store located in your country, as if something gets wrong you will be able to reach them easily or even can file a law suit if necessary. 9. Search for coupons and coupon codes for different stores from where you want to buy anything as there are thousands of discount codes available with certain websites. 10. Beware of e-mails which are designed to scam you, always remember authentic and proper companies will never ask you for personal details, social security number ,credit card number or login details to send in an e-mail. E-mails like these are spam mails never reply them. These were some important points but not all of them as with the frequent increase in online shopping trend many new kind of frauds are seen day by day and security is also being strengthened to fight them.