Top 10 Features of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

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In the last couple of years, we do not get tired of catching myself, thinking that I live in the future. Tom himself, whom he dreamed of as a child in the 80s of the twentieth century, and which then seemed quite distant, now we live here and fully enjoy the fruits of scientific and technological progress. We have constant access to an endlessly vast library of information, including any music, books, and films. And in my childhood, to read a rare book, I had to go to the library.

And, if it was not given out on the house, it was insulting, because at night the library was always closed. Movies on television could be watched only once a day, after the release of the evening news. And (it sounds absolutely fantastic today) it could not be chosen and changed. A month of active use of the Samsung Galaxy S9+ prompted me to think about how we all forget about the boredom of everyday life. Sometimes we forget about new technologies take them for granted, and on the other - do not notice the apparent benefits and new useful usage scenarios. For example, how many women forget or do not know that the front camera phone can replace the mirror?

Galaxy S9 + is a superstar with its luna park, able to help out or just entertain its owner in an infinite number of cases. About the most fantastic opportunities for the owners of this Smartphone, I now want to recall. About something, you probably already know, but something can become a surprise that the front camera phone can replace the mirror.

1: Ultra-fast video: slow down the time:

Something is attracting and inviting, some kind of techno-magic slowing downtime. You feel like a Time Lord and a guest from a fantastic future. Samsung Galaxy S9 + can record video fragments at a speed of 960 frames per second. To do this, select the Super Slow shooting mode, click on the record button and, at the right moment, click on the button that saves the contents of the memory buffer at this time. As a result, from 0.5 seconds, 6 seconds of prolonged video is obtained. I remember when I encountered such a smartphone function for the first time, I could not catch the right moment. The developers of Samsung solved the problem - you can switch the manual recording mode of high-speed video to automatic, and then high-speed recording will begin as soon as the square in the center of the frame appears to object.

2: Shooting in the dark:

Every year, the possibilities of night shooting smartphones grow so that the spirit captures. If the first cameras in phones could not make clear pictures at dusk and in the room, today's cameras of flagship smartphones demonstrate the wonders of shooting at night. Sometimes it seems to me that the Galaxy S9 + camera can see in the dark. In addition to clear pictures in the evening, it still allows you to shoot where there is no light. By the way, these opportunities are needed not only for picturesque sunsets but for example, every month, I take photos of meter readings, which are hidden in hard-to-reach places and entirely unlit corners. That's true - in these pictures, everything looks as if there is enough light. In fact, it's just not there, and the camera boosts the brightness automatically (remember about the effect of the human eye from advertising with a diaphragm 1.5 / f? that's it.33 is), in this absolutely fantastic way, keeping the clarity and readability of the numbers. The real technology in action!

3: AR-emoji: awesome stickers and animations:

Do you think stickers are fun for children? Come on, in the courtyard of 2018, the era of social networks, and instant messengers. Stickers are now used by everyone! Tell me that you have never put all these memes and pictures? That's the same thing. In Galaxy S9 +, there is an opportunity to make your own avatar and then record its voice messages. It's straightforward to choose the mode of the AR-emoji camera and in it to click on the button "Create a personal emoji." Almost two dozen animated stickers with the character you just created are a bonus. My favorite is Sheldon Cooper, trying to influence the viewer with the power of thought!

4: Bixby camera: augmented by [meaning] reality:

No, about the augmented reality browsers, reading QR codes, and recognizing the pictures we already know. But, honestly, I, for example, regularly encounter the problem of reading QR codes because I often change phones on the job, and all the time, I forget to put the application to scan them. As part of advancing his development of artificial intelligence under the name Bixby, Samsung made an interesting and useful piece for those forgetful. It is called the "Bixby Camera," called directly from the menu of a conventional camera, and includes six functions. Four of them translating text, reading QR codes, image recognition, and the browser of augmented reality are more or less known. Still, in my memory, they are first collected in one place. Augmented reality while showing points of interest like cafes, restaurants, museums, shops, cinemas if you rotate the camera around you and can report the weather forecast if you send it (logically) to the sky or shows the current location if you send it to the ground.

5: The protected folder: one more boundary of protection of the personal information:

Thank God in 2018, no one needs to be persuaded of the need to protect personal data and any personal information. Samsung offers users protection of their data for many years - for this, there is proprietary Knox technology. But now the concept of information protection is treated even more comprehensive, the use of technology is even easier - as a secure folder application. It stores everything you need to hide from other people's eyes: this applies not only to installed applications (for example, a common scenario: to use two versions of Viber - with a working phone number and personal) and photos but any user files. And even these screenshots, which you see below, were immediately saved in a protected folder because everything that happens in the protected area of the smart phone's memory remains in the protected area of the smart phone's memory. In other words, the phone has an additional level of information protection, which even James Bond would envy. And he generally enjoyed extremely fantastic gadgets.

6: Biometric identification:

Let's suppose James Bond: How many do you know how to unlock the phone? Well, if you call four rights away. What do you say if I list them with a dozen Samsung Galaxy S9 +? Let's count together:

  1. Normal unlocking by finger movement
  2. PIN
  3. Graphics key (9-point fingerprint)
  4. Fingerprints
  5. Scanning of the iris
  6. Face Detection
  7. Recognition of safe places
  8. Unlock with a Bluetooth-enabled accessory
  9. Unlock from physical contact with the user
  10. Voice recognition Voice Match

Items 4-6 refer to biometric, and there is another version of the lock, which simultaneously uses face recognition and the iris of the eyes. At the same time, only 2 of the four options can be included. Variants 7-10 refer to "smart" unlocking, taking into account, for example, the user's location (there is no sense in blocking the phone at home, in the office, or at the grandmother's, although all this can be manually changed). Finally, you can unlock the phone's voice, saying, "ok, Google." I do not know why there are so many unlocking options for the phone, but I'm sure that there is always an Android user who needs a specific version from this long list. And this is just fantastic!

7: Samsung members offer only for "their":

This service and the related application has been working in Samsung since 2016. Through it, you can contact technical support and get an answer to an interesting question related to the operation of the Smartphone. To use it, you just need to download and activate the application. You can quickly find a textbook on the functions of the phone or camera. Honestly, the flagship smartphones today have become so multifunctional that even for us, journalists, for simple viewing and exploring all the possibilities, take more than one day. I remember the times when in 2004, I could write a review of the phone in one day and, at the same time, not miss any details like the number of polyphony voices and alarm settings. Today everything is not so, and the user needs support. Sometimes even just moral, but the Samsung Members application is not only supported, but it's also a closed club for Samsung users, where there are always discounts and coupons for exciting events. Do you know many global companies that can give such a service to each of their customers? Is not this fantastic?

8: Personal stenographer: translation of speech into the text:

Practice shows that even experienced journalists are not aware of the work of this function. It allows you to immediately translate the speaker's speech into a ready-to-publish text, which will need to be processed and edited slightly before publication. About the recorder in smartphones, probably already know (and enjoy) everything, perhaps someone knows about the possibility of voice typing (very convenient, for example, while driving). The Samsung Galaxy S9 + has a Sound Recorder application. It has an Interview mode, in which two microphones are active, allowing you to write both the answers of the interviewee and the questions more clearly and accurately. But there is still the possibility of translating speech into a text for which journalists, whose duties include the constant decoding of Dictaphone records, would give the soul not only to the devil. The recording time is limited to 5 minutes, but, first, they will be enough for several questions in the reporting mode. And, secondly, during the interview in a relaxed atmosphere, you can always start translating the speech into the text several times, after a short pause. For several years, such opportunities looked fantastic, today it is already a reality.

9: Automatic stories: the finished film at the end of the day:

While traveling, I photograph a lot. And Samsung Galaxy S9 + allows you to automatically collect videos from photos taken during the day or made during the trip and combined in one location, different from the residence location. Formally, something like this is in the Google Photo service. In this case, everything is done in a separate History tab of the Gallery application, where all the photos and videos are stored. Any automatically created movie can be quickly edited, removing wicked pictures and replacing them with others. You can choose one of the theme templates, and then the animation will appear in the video. Separately, you can select music and a cover frame. Yes, there to say, see for yourself what the result looks like. It is simply fantastic! This is especially so because, for the creation of such a video, no knowledge and skills are required. Everything is done by smart automation.

10: Samsung DeX, turn a smartphone into a computer:

And this is generally the main fantastic dream of mankind in recent years. The vision of having a full-fledged computer fit in your pocket. This magic accessory is called Samsung DeX Pad. It allows you to connect your Smartphone to a TV or monitor with an HDMI input, plug a USB keyboard into the keyboard, and turns the Galaxy S9 + into a computer on Android! In this case, you can work in already-op applications, type the text of the letter, edit the presentation, or process the photo in the editor while also charging the battery of the phone itself. This fantastic future can be your hands today.

Last but not least:

And while talking about the quality of the sound - it's like trying to be like the heroes of the famous Odessa singing," yet one more critical point: the Galaxy S9 + is all fine with sound. The sound is answered by Harman - this company is now owned by Samsung if you suddenly missed one of the major deals on the market over the past few years. The Smartphone supports the latest development of the Dolby Laboratories - Dolby Atmos, the Galaxy S9 + comes with AKG headphones. Yes, even with the purchase of a smartphone from May 14, there is an action: a gift is given to the excellent Bluetooth-column JBL Pulse 3! If this is not fiction, then what?