Tips For Parenting a Teenager

Mostly parents complain that their teenage children never follow them. They do not obey them and the teenagers always grumble about their parents. They say that our parents don’t understand us. They don’t trust us. Both of them had complains for each other that they don’t love us nor they have time for us. Due to this a communication barrier creates between parents and their children. Being a parent is a God gift, unluckily many people are not blessed with this gift of God. Everyone wants to be a good parent, but parenting is not such an easy task. It’s like walking alone in a jungle. Especially parenting a teenager, our children tried their best to pissed us, they sometimes get too much on our nerves and hence we lost our temperament we ultimately loss our hopes and we don’t know what to do. They don’t follow any rules and if you got strict with them it becomes more difficult to handle them. Sometimes you think that your child follow every worse thing which ashamed you in front of everybody. That’s why mostly you avoid parties and get-together and for any reason if you have to go out you make sure that they are not with you. From eating to sleeping their every task is difficult. Yet you love them, because they are the part of your world. You cannot imagine your life without them. Keep this thing in mind that your children are growing rapidly at this you have to be careful in your actions and words of mouth. And it’s hard to find a very good and bright child and if you find them then appreciate their parents because they are reason behind each and everything. Whatever a child does it shows exactly how you are, because you are the reason of his upbringing. Here are some tips that will build up a good and strong relationship between you and your child.

Hey m here, can you hear me?

The biggest reason of your child bad temperament is your ignorance. Never ignore your child. Build a habit of listening them carefully. If you will ignore your child and you will not be there whenever they need. At this stage they want that there will be always be someone who listen to them and understand what they want to say. They want to share their feelings and ideas. Communication plays an important role in our life and this is the basic step. If you will not buildup this habit with your child from the teenage then he will not listen to others, simply he will lack the ability of listening like you. And you were the reason behind this negligence.

Butter me, I have achieve something

We all love compliments. If you will appreciate your child he will be more motivated. If you curse your child on his failure, he gets demoralized. And he will lose his self-respect and will not become confident. His morale will become low. Try to appreciate your child on small small achievements. Then he will become more motivated towards his work. Compliment him in daily family gathering. He will surely become skillful in each work on which you compliment him.

Involve me and I will never forget

Teenage child are very observant. They focus on each of your activity. As this is their learning stage, so they try to adapt each activity quickly. So try to involve your children a little bit in your work. Once you teach them how to do work. Their mind will retain it for a long time. On contrary to if you will just tell them, they will forget it, if you will show them they will understand it but if you involve them they will never forget. Teenage children love to learn, it’s just depend on how you teach them.

Move out for excursion

You can plan an outing trip once in a this way you all can spend a good time with each once in a month cut out your busy schedule and make yourself energetic with your children company.  This will show a caring attitude towards your children. Often surprise them, don’t disclose the place where you are going, it will make them curious and they will become more interested.

Can we become same?

Take out some time and act like your kid. Give Company to them, whatever they are playing gets along with them. Feel like them. If you will give importance to them and have fun with them they feel good and they will become more close to you. Often teenager wants their parents also play with them and they want to be your friend, so clear all barriers and become like them.

Meaning of unconditional love

Basically there is a special bond between you and your kid. They are the one who will teach you the meaning of unconditional love. Your love for them has no limits. You are the one who love them at any express your love to them. Hug them and kiss them to show your love. It will develop much stronger connection between you.

Keep an eye on them

This is the stage at which you can embellish or destroy your child life. Build a strong communication network with your child so you will be able to know what is happening in his life. Keep an eye on him, how he is reacting and communicating. In which company he dwells. Invite his/her friends at home and have friendship with them too.

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  1. I feel like you’re a true kindred spirit; you’ve picked some of my very favorite books from childhood. Half Magic is my all-time favorite (Time Garden comes in a close second). I also adored Whldodognaes and Mandy. There’s just something about the books of our formative years…they never lose their magic.

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