Relationship is an element which balance our life. We all want to keep a good and healthier relationship but it becomes difficult for us to handle each and everything because we don’t know what to do to keep it long lasting. Mostly relationship ended in just 2 to 3 months because of the undesirable wishes and sometimes couples are not ready to accept others

This is a self-centered world. Nobody cares about others and it becomes very difficult to find the right person and luckily if you were able to find the right guy or girl for you the thing is that how to keep your relationship safe and secure.

If you will not able to understand each other sooner your relation with your partner will end up. It’s not that the biggest thing matter in relationship, but it’s the smallest thing. And after sometime when you came to realize small mistakes your relation has already died and once the relation died it becomes difficult to fix it back.

And still if you fix it you cannot remove the cracks from it and hence it will never be a same relation which you have before, when you met each other. The thing is not that you have to cross the seven seas nor you need to bring moon and stars. Basically what matter is how you find happiness and joy in each little moments and how you make all those beautiful small moments special.

These small things make the big steps and this will help to lead a successful life. Here are some small tips that matter in relationship.

My pal is a drug to me

Take your partner as your best friend.  Because he/she is the one who knows you better. Share each and everything with each other because friend is much closer than lover. if you want to have a good and loving relation with your partner then first act like best friends. Everyone wants someone who will always be there for him or her and a best friend is like a drug, you become addicted of him/her. And you cannot pass your time without him/her.

The three magical words can change anything

 I love you; these 3 are known as magical words because they have a magical spell on others. It can change the way of someone’s perception. I know it sounds stupid to say I love you all the time and there is no one who can do this. But at least you can say this once in a day. This can change the mood of your partner and you can convert the gloomy time in to happiness.

Let’s stay in and watch Movies

Spending time with each other is a big priority. It becomes difficult to look through everything in this rushing world but at least you can take out some free time for each other like watching movies together on weekends and having discussion on it. Sometimes you can watch Hollywood movies and sometimes action comedy. It sounds romantic to lying in bed and watching movies at night with some popcorn in your hand.

Cuddling the perfect place to be

The most perfect place to be is in someone’s arm. Cuddling increased your immune system. One feels safe and secure in his/her partner’s cuddle. It’s like everything to them. You cannot say I love you all the time, you can also express you love by cuddling your partner or you can hug them. This is the best moment for a while you forget about each and everything. Just a simple loving hug can release all your burden and strains and you felt light.

Push the boat out

Celebrate each moment. Try to remember your dates, the first day you met. Your engagement and anniversary date. Your partner’s birthday and celebrate all these moment. Cherish all these moments.  These small celebrations will make your relation lovelier. And these small moments give you the chance to take out some time from daily routine and revamp your life.

Build up your rope strength through compliments

Everybody likes compliments. Compliments make your life easier. You don’t even realize how your single compliment can boost up the energy in somebody. When you compliment other, they feel good that somebody has notice them. This is a sign of love and affection. It swings the moods too. Because your words are powerful, they have a large impact on somebody’s life.

Unique way for surprising

Surprise your partner or your loved ones by preparing breakfast or lunch for them. This will be an amazing situation for them. You can do this twice in a month; this will make them realize that you really care for them and they will feel love. On weekends you can help your loved ones in making breakfast and lunch. You can also arrange all the things in order before they wake up.

Gifts of love keep giving

Giving gift to somebody make your relation more stronger.it doesn’t means that you have to buy the expensive gift all the time.  Small gifts too matters a lot. It does just depend on how you give it. Even a simple flower given with love matters a lot, these small gifts make your moments more precious and memorable.

Let’s discover the places

Travelling is also a best way to spend time with each other. The time which we spend in travelling give us funny and loving memories. You can go and discover the places with your loved ones. It will be very enjoyable. You can go for small trips on vacations. You can discover new places too and can take some pictures, because these pictures will bring back a lot of memories.

Stick with them in every odd. People never forget who stays with them in their bad times. In good times everyone is with you but the one who truly love you will stay with you forever. Take your partner or your loved ones side in all cost. Because at that time you will be the one they need.

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