Steps For Beating Your Divorce Fear

Divorce is a tough word for everyone. The person who used to be nearer and dearest toyou suddenly becomes stranger to you. 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. The highest rate of divorce is in United States. Family life suffers from divorce. Mostly children get affected by this. It’s a very emotional stage especially when you have been in a very good and lovely relationship with each other and when you have put your whole energy to keep your family united.

It seems like that your life has ended. It has mostly negative impact. Many people suicide too. You tried hard to keep yourself in control but still you ended up in tears.

It seems to be the biggest fear of the world. For a while you become unaware of everything. Your nights were sleepless. You didn’t feel hungry. In short you forget that you are surviving. You have lots of fear about your divorce. First your mind is not able to accept the separation with your spouse. Secondly you have to think about securing your finance. Thirdly if you have children then you will think about their future and their feelings and there is a fear of how people around you will react.

You become so much emotional at this stage.  You cannot pull yourself out from the impeccable memories. The sweet relation you have shared with each other and the perfect couple compliments from other people run through your mind and it will make you more wretched.

But remember that it’s only a relation which has ended up, not your life. You cannot spend your whole in someone’s memory so no need to ruin your whole life for this. Think positively. It’s good that your relation has ended; you do not deserve the type of partner who is not sincere with you and who doesn’t care about you. Who don’t know the meaning of love and family and what actually the marriage is.

May be this is a good chance for you. You will meet someone who will really understand you and who will show you what real love is. Who will protect you and will always be with you.

Now the thing is that how to beat all the divorce fear. How to deal with all these situations and how to show the world that how much brave and courageous you are. Here are some tips which will help to beat your fear. Remember fear is just an unrealistic feeling. (False evidence appearing real) and you have to get control on it.

1. Stop running away from reality

Your heart will not accept the fact of you divorce but your mind can. You have to stop running away from reality. As longer time you will take to accept the reality as much depressed you will feel. And as soon you face the truth as soon you can overcome it. This is a bitter truth and we have to deal with it.

2. List down your inside fears which are disturbing you

To keep yourself away from depression you need to jot down a list of all the fears you have after your divorce. Whatever it is, no matter how silly it sounds. You just needto be honest with you.There are different fears like

  • How you are going to live alone? Or where will you go?
  • How you will spend your rest of the life?
  • How you will protect yourself and your children?
  • How you will survive without your children
  • How you will forget all the memories??
  • How you will secure your finance??
  • What my friends and family members will say, how I will face them?
  • Fear to trust other

And other fears like this. After you jot down all these, list down all the solutions that come to your mind under these fears.

3. Your goals reduces your doubts

After accepting the reality the second thing you have to do is to set you goals. Now how you will going to spend your life. Set realistic goals which can be achieve. List down time period too that you think you need for achieving each goal. Make strategies how you are going to achieve these goals.

4. Mentally relax and physically healthy

As you are passing through the tough time of your life, you need to be mentally relaxed. Give some relax to your mind, take enough sleep and keep yourself away from other problems. Take healthy food; be careful about your diet. And drink enough water to keep yourself refresh. If your mind and body is healthy and relaxed then you will be able to make proper decisions.

5. Your relationship in the future

Of course it’s your life so you are the owner to make decision about yourself. It’s up to you how you are going to spend your rest of the life. Will you marry again?? No need to think about this too early, take your time, it’s never too late. And if you think that you will now never be able to trust other and you will not marry again. Then this will be a wrong scenario. It doesn’t mean that all man/ women are same. You have to build up your confident and you have to try once more. As  stated earlier that the one who will understand you will do anything for you.

6. Positivity leads to positive conclusion

If you will think negatively about your divorce and you will only cry on your relation. You will get nothing. You have to realize that you can alone handle things. You do not need others support.  You have a lot of option available and they are better than this. And if you can face this crucial stage alone thaen you can do anything. You can fight with all the circumstances. And you will make your life and your children life better.

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