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Samsung Will Launch Smart Phone Processors In Late 2018

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Samsung Electronics introduced a new mobile chipset in the family Exynos 7, which promises to bring the mobile photo to a new level. As regards performance, the Exynos 9610 is also OK. Processor Samsung Exynos 9610 will make the camera smartphone more "smart."

What kind of beast?

The Samsung Exynos 9610, rumored to have been around last summer, comes in 10-nanometer process technology, including four powerful ARM Cortex-A73 cores with a clock speed of 2.3 GHz and four more energy-efficient Cortex-A53 at 1.6 GHz. The built-in video accelerator is a three-core Mali-G72 MP3. For processing data from the sensors of the device, the Cortex-M4F coprocessor responds. The chip has the rudiments of artificial intelligence, which has made it possible to vigorously advance image processing. The neural network engine scans the space, recognizing surrounding objects and faces in the frame. Even with a "single" camera, the Exynos 9610 can create a depth-of-picture map for the bokeh effect. Similar algorithms of software background blur are used in Google Pixel 2 devices. The integrated signal processor became 1.6 times more powerful and doubled the bandwidth of the data interface. Due to this, it was possible to realize slow-motion shooting at a speed of up to 480 frames per second with Full HD resolution, even on "traditional" sensors without its own memory chip. Besides, the HEVC codec (H.265) allows you to record and play 4K-video at a rate of 120 frames per second. Built-in 4G LTE modem provides data transfer in mobile networks at speeds up to 600 Mbps, and in receive mode - 150 Mbps.

When to expect?

Samsung plans to begin mass production of the Exynos 9610 in the second half of 2018. The timing of the release of the first devices based on it is not specified. Probably, it will be the next generation of smartphones of the Galaxy A series and Meizu devices.

Samsung introduced the eight-core mobile processor Exynos 9810:

Samsung has announced the release of a new mobile processor, Exynos 9810, created on 10-nm process technology.


Samsung Exynos 9810 received eight cores. The maximum clock frequency is 2.9 GHz. In the presence of LTE-modem Cat.18 with a maximum download speed of 1.2 Gbit / s, the ability to shoot 4K video, broadcast video in UHD format, and a system of deep learning based on neural networks. There is also a separate security unit for storing important information outside the smart phone's memory (similar to Snapdragon 845). According to the creators, the multi-core performance of the Exynos 9810 grew by 40% compared to the previous model. The single-core power has doubled.