rutabaga oven fries recipe

Rutabaga Oven Fries Recipe

Today we’ll have a fun tutorial about how to make rutabaga fries.

Some of you are probably like what the heck is a Rutabaga. Well, it is this purple looking vegetable or a root vegetable. You can cut it up and make it into delicious fries.

I like to use them with dipping ketchup and it tastes really good. So, a rutabaga kind of has like a waxy coating on the outside. When you buy them at the grocery store and you don’t want to eat that that would taste gross and chewing and probably has some nasty stuff on it so, to begin with, it, I just use a vegetable peeler. You can use a normal peeler. So use a vegetable peeler just to peel the skin off the rutabaga and it comes off nice and easily and reveals the white part of the vegetable. So peel the whole, entire rutabaga.

They’re very difficult to cut into and that’s probably why I don’t make them this often. Today as I would like to make it because they’re just kind of a cutting process a little hard so it’s kind of difficult to chop in so using a nice knife really helps.

Just slice it. I cut it into quarters first of all and then slice each quarter and then take each one and just slice it into fries. They don’t have to be exact perfectly shaved things. It will make them seem more potato in the end.

Just slice them all into fries then I go over to our handy-dandy baking sheet.

Now, take the fries and toss them in olive oil or canola oil to get them nice and coated and sort of a liquid before you bake them. I mean I skipped that step because I hate dirtying dishes so I just spread it on the sheet nice and evenly. You’ll have a lot of fries if you use a whole burrito which is kind of nice probably as a side could serve maybe three to four people.

For seasonings, use seasoned salt and chili powder. You can use anything. Just regular salt and pepper will do the job.

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees and just put them in the oven. Let them roast away for about 20-25 minutes, flipping them halfway through so they get nice and browned.

Dip them in whatever kind of dipping you like, like ketchup, but I’m sure they’d be good with barbecue sauce or with honey mustard.

I’m sure your kids will love them!

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