Quotes that completely revamp your meaningless life

 1. Death ends a life, not a relationship

This is a quote by Morrie. This is hell true. In our life we met with so many peoples, some have a blood relation with us and some have not, but still we developed a bond with them. They easily become the part of our life. We cannot imagine our life without them. We share everything with them, when those people detached from our life or when they died, it seems our life has also ended with them. But we have to realize that death is a fact. If the person we love died means his/her life has ended, but the relation which he/she has shared with us, will never end. All the memories, secrets, laughter and the time which we have spent together will remain in our mind. They will always remain in our heart.

2. Accept who you are and revel in it

Humans are the most complex entity on earth, we become too much busy in our life that we forget ourselves. Everybody is selfish. The thing is that we do not accept and realizes our mistakes; in short we don’t know who we are. We need to take out some time for ourselves to disclose how we are. And we can do this through intrapersonal communication. This type of communication takes place within a single person, to understand oneself .Once you start getting aware of yourself, you have to find out your worth. Once you find it you will start enjoying yourself .You will find the room of improvement. Try to improve your grey areas. Feel good about yourself and enjoy your own company.

3. Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better

This is a quote by Albert Camus .Have you ever realize how lucky you are to live a life of freedom. Think about those who cannot enjoy freedom .Freedom is a power, which gives you a chance to grow a head.  You don’t have to pass through any barriers. Everyone get frustrate in restrictions and bondage. You can not reveal yourself fully if you will remain a prison. Freedom gives you a chance to prosper and disclose yourself.

4. Stay positive, work hard made it happen

It’s a Quote by Bloglovin. Success and failure both are the part of our life. It depends on your will, how you take it. If you will think negatively than negative things will happen with you. So no need to afraid of failure and you don’t have to low your morale on your fall. You have to remain positive and confident on your work. Believe in yourself. Take interest in your work, and be passionate about it. A time will come when you will get whatever you want through your hard work and full determination and through your positive attitude show the world that can do it.

 5. Sometimes God doesn’t change your situation because He is trying to change your heart.

I think everyone can relate this quote to their lives. Sometimes you got stuck in such a situation where you were unable to see anything. You don’t know what to do, u feel miserable. And then you complain to God, Why me???Why He is doing this with you, what does He want? Well remember that God love us a lot, He didn’t want that we choose a wrong path so to save us from a big problem He placed us in a small problem so that we can realize what is going on and what are the circumstances that can happen in the future, He forced us to open our eyes and see the reality. In this way we can change our heart, can change our perception. And in this way we realize our mistakes and can find a better solution and a good heart. Because when we suffered, we learn and that’s how we change.

6. Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated

Look around you, there are some people who are just passing their life and there are some people who live the life. Almost everyday something bad is happening. Than to keep yourself alive you need to search for happiness. Basically life is the biggest blessing which is giving to us, we get it once, so we should try to make best of it. Try to find happiness around you, share love everywhere, and try to make others happy. Celebrate each moment; find pleasure in small things. This will make your life easier and cheerful.

7. I have not failed. I have just found 10000 ways that won’t work

This is a quote by Thomas Edison. This is a very inspirational quote. Instead of this if he had said,  I failed 10000 times, than this will give a negative impact, in place  of it Edison has brought his own perspective of viewing the things, which is a complete source of motivation and that’s conveyed beauty to this quote. We can learn a lot from this, instead of crying on our failure we should try to find out the reason behind it, instead of cursing our fate we have to energize ourselves again, and need to try once more.

Sometimes our life become dull and sometime we lost our hope, than we need something that can change our life and give meaning to our life, than these types of inspirational quotes will help to revamp our lives.  And help us to build ourselves and stimulate us to have a belief on ourselves and give courage to fight with the world and tackle with all the storms, in this life we will face many barriers, we need to cross all those hurdles and in this way,one day we will surely get what we want.

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