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Microsoft Will Diversify The Xbox Booth & Announcements From Xbox On E3 2018

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The last E3 conferences were unrelieved and unprepossessing. The companies examined to revelation the guests with trailers & announcements, but the concept of events remained the equivalent. Microsoft was dulled, and the company decided to diversify its image at E3.


What is known? Xbox grasped two buildings at once: Los Angeles Convention Center and Microsoft Theater. They located near so that visitors have time to visit both events. The Xbox presentation was at Microsoft Theater, where they told the audience about the news from the console world. There is also be Xbox Fan-Fest, where they've given a demo version of upcoming projects and look at the gameplay.

"The Microsoft Theater allowed players to centralize the presence of the Xbox on E3, and its size - to connect even more fans & partners to the preparation of the Xbox E3 2018 than ever," Microsoft said.

The second stand located in the LA Convention Center, where Xbox placed the zone consecrated to the mixing service "Mixer." Visitors were able to play, stream, and watch the latest E3 conference news throughout the week.


When to expect? The presentation of Xbox on E3 2018 held at Microsoft Theater on June 10 at 22:00 Kyiv time (1 pm PST). If you plan to watch the presentation at home, welcome to the platforms Mixer, YouTube, and Twitch.


The main announcements from Xbox on E3 2018: Cyberpunk 2077, Fallout 76, DMC 5, and more! On the eve of the conference, Xbox boss Phil Spencer made an ambitious statement, in his Twitter account, he wrote that the team would show 15 world premieres and "more, most." Given the previous E3 Xbox, we can say that this year, Microsoft recouped.


Main announcements: The conference started with the announcement of Halo Infinite, which put on a new Space Sleep engine. The gameplay and release date are off-screen, but let's assume that the game released for Xbox One and PC. The second presented project was Sekiro Shadow Die Twice, which From Software used to be on the last E3. The trailer showed an action RPG in the setting of ancient Japan with the wild complexity that loves From Software. The release scheduled for early 2019 for PS4, XONE, and PC. After that, Howard came out on the stage that joked about the popularity of Xbox's head Phil Spencer and announced the trailer for Fallout 76. The new players saw only locations, and we learned about the setting of the game from the announcement. But we do not know if the rumors about the similarity of Fallout 76 with Rust and DayZ are true. Perhaps they told at the Bethesda conference, and for already a year, the players have been shown the trailer Crackdown 3 with Terry Crews. Microsoft decided to remind you about the game and did not bring anything new. But the rumors turned out to be exact - the game postponed until February 2019. Unexpectedly, it was at the Xbox conference that the new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3. Square Enix showed, focused on the characters and the story in which Elsa appeared from the "Cold Heart" and Ralph from the cartoon of the same name. The protagonists were Sora, Goofy, and Donald Duck, and the release scheduled for January 29, 2019, for PS4 and XONE. Despite its conference on a visit to the Xbox, Ubisoft glanced at the presentation of Division 2. On the trailer, the game looks like a re-master of the first part with improved textures and a greener environment. The rest is the same The Division and even the gameplay shown at the conference confirm this. The release scheduled for March 15, 2019, for PS4, XONE, and PC.

Microsoft did not refuse the trailer Shadow of the Tomb Raider, in which the players have shown what was waiting for Lara in the new game. It turned out that skirmishes, jumps, and villains, obsessed with artifacts, have not gone anywhere—the game released on September 14 on PS4, XONE, and PC. The most unexpected and rooftop tolerable announcement was Devil May Cry 5. The trailer showed Nero, the protagonist, Nico's assistant, and Dante himself. The new DMC has three playable characters. The release takes place in the spring of 2019 on PS4, XONE, and PC. Unexpected was the announcement of Dying Light 2, which immediately screwed the gameplay trailer. The developers promised improved animation of the movement, open world, and the protagonist's election, which affected the world. For example: if you make a deal with the guys who control the water, you can earn extra money, but looters come to the city. Just a little before the "unexpected announcement" did not last Just Cause 4. First Wal-Mart, then Steam, and the presentation already surprised no one. The players showed an aged protagonist and a new island, in which the revolution created. The output scheduled for December 4, 2018. Not without the racing arcade Forza Horizon 4. At the conference showed a small trailer and the gameplay of the game. The developers focused on weather conditions, which change the same track in winter, spring, summer, and autumn. The release took place on October 2, 2018. Creators of the world Gears of War announced three projects at once: Gears 5, Gears Tactics, and Gears Pop. Gears 5 - the continuation of the main line of games, but the central role is now the girl. From the name Gears Tactics, it is clear that this tactical retreat of the series into the genre of turn-based strategies. Gears Pop - mobile game, which we know that it released on iOS and Android. Completely unexpected was the announcement of Battletoads, which, like snow in June in Los Angeles, fell on E3.

The players showed only a teaser with the name of the game and the characteristics. Battletoads for Xbox One receives 4K, HDR, and co-op for three. An approximate release occurs in 2019 and an essential game according to the version of CD .projekt fans is Cyberpunk 2077. The developers showed a trailer in which the players introduced to the main character and the game world. All actions occur in the US Find City of 2077, which has become a hotbed of crime and augmented gangs. The protagonist is a "dreamer" who fights the system and drives a steep wheelbarrow. The release date is unknown, but we look at the Cyberpunk website for more details.