How to talk to your kids about the current COVID-19 pandemic?

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Many psychologists around the globe give practical advice on how to talk with your kid about corona-virus. “You take on the news and you’re the person who filters the news to your kid,” explains Janine Domingues, Ph.D., a child psychologist at the Child Mind Institute.

It is important to note how much information is enough for your kid & at what point the information becomes too detailed or complex. It makes no sense to hide from the child what is happening in the world. Children will still hear it - on TV, on the radio, and as for kids today, on the internet, from other adults or children, noticing their parents' anxiety or conversation. It is best to satisfy the curiosity of the child at home, raise awareness and reduce anxiety.

Children react differently to disturbing events - someone jokes and enjoys the weekend, someone worries about fear of getting sick or dying. Some children become moody, others become uncommunicative. However, in these events, all children need support and clarification from their parents. Information about the corona-virus provided to the child must be reliable, specific and age-appropriate. You need to talk calmly and encouragingly.

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The corona-virus infection pandemic COVID-19 will begin to end by June 2020. This was stated by the head of the special expert commission of the state committee on the health of the People's Republic of China, Zhong Nanshan.