Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter

We all care about how to keep our self physically healthy and strong. With the passage of time we have to keep our self fit so that we can handle all matters, for this we try to make our diet proper and we try to adopt different exercise for this. But the most important thing is to keep your mind fit and healthy. Our mind needs to be more active as compare to our body because it’s the one which is controlling our body. Our mind age too like our other body parts and we always want that it should act in a smart way. We all want to have a good IQ. And normally people who have good IQ level survive longer as compare to other Hobby is something that we do in our leisure time. And we adopt these habits because it gives us pleasure and our mind got relax from the everyday hectic routine. We are addicted to our hobbies and we love them. And these habits had a great impact on our lives. But you thought that to become intelligent means you have to deal with boring habits. This is a myth. Here are some tips or habits which you can adopt and this will make you smarter.

1. Attach the strings to the heart

Music is one of those activities in which our whole brain is involved. It triggers that spot which make us emotional.  It makes your memory strong and your perceiving ability becomes strong due to this. Smart people tend to think more. And music helps in this. It boosts the immunity and reduces the blood pressure. And in this way your brain work properly. Because of this you become able to note and concern all the smallest points and flaws in anything. So you can play with any instrument you like. Mostly smart people listens music in their leisure time and play with guitar, piano

2. Explore the world, dig into reading

Reading is perfect to soul. It gives you a lot of knowledge about each and everything. Building a habit of reading is very beneficial.  Due to this you came to know about what is happening around us and what has happened in the past.  It doesn’t mean that you have to become a book worm. You can read any book, whether its comics, magazines or novels. It connects you with the world. And through this you can predict any situation and due to this you came to know how to act according to the situation.

3. Keep your mind cool through meditation

Yoga or meditation is one of the best practices. Your mind and your body both relax through it.  And it gives you power. People who meditate have the ability to think well and can better understand the things. They can look both the aspect of matter positive and negative and they make decision after analyzing the things properly.

4. Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart

People who have the habit of writing are tend to be smarter as compare to other. Because writing makes your memory better and sometimes you cannot express how you are feeling than these feelings take the shape of words, through writing you can better express yourself. Writing express your personality, it has a strong effect. That’s why people who are successful mostly take the writing support to convey their views. They put down the things on paper to communicate well. Mostly people write while listening to music. This is also a best practice.

5. Cross all barriers adopt the language

Learning a new language will also make you smarter. Learning a new language is a big source of getting all information. If you want to know someone than learn their language, in this way you will better understand them and you can communicate easily. Try to learn as much language as you can. Language helps to remove the barriers and help to dwell with diverse perspective. They can easily focus.

6. Take interest in mind games

Try to adopt different games which are practical and challenging. These games help to improve your mind or will power. Like different puzzles, chess or video games they assist in different difficulties. They ploy you in different scenarios and challenge you to take out the solution for it by consuming their full will power.

7. Creativity emerge from talent

Try to show some creativity by trying new things. This will make you smarter. Adopt something new or out class method which makes your work unique from others. This tends to show how smart you are and it makes you different from others.

8. Surfing the net

Keep yourself aware about what trend is going. Keep surfing the internet. Try to gain knowledge about each field. Watch national geographic and discovery channels. You will get lots of information from there.

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