Five Signs You Gonna Die Earlier

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"Life" this word sounds most precious to all of us, everyone want to live a healthy, happy and contented life, but death is a fact which we cannot, we don't know, how longer we are going to live, but here are some signs which warn us that if we were not going to get rid of these, we will gonna die earlier. When we got sick even for a week we become paranoid and distress that what'll happen with us, will I die earlier???So here you go, you still have time to get a check on these signs and take some measures to reduce this risk of dying soon.


If you will not going to follow a balanced diet and will follow the dieting habit , you will not have enough energy, mostly people think that by strictly following the dieting they will lose the weight and they stop taking meal, they start skipping it and they just rely on some cereals and a fruit whole day, but they didn't realize because of this they got tired soon, their body will become weak too, if they don't have desire to eat and drink than their body will not able to bear the loads of life, it doesn't mean that you will start eating a lot, and become fat. You just have to follow a proper balanced diet.


There is a famous proverb that early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise. But unfortunately very few people follow it. Majority of us become the patient of insomnia due to which depression and stress rate increases .Growth rate also decreases due to it. Dark circles start to appear under our eyes. We were not able to work whole day because of insufficient sleep. Our food metabolism also affected by it. In the Whitehall II study, the result published in 2007 displayed that those who had cut their sleep from seven to five hours nearly doubled their risk of death from all sources.


Improving fitness lessens the threat of death. Reducing will increase it. Exercise maintains our body. It fights with diseases .The study have found that, death from heart problem decreases up to 65% among patients who exercise. Daily exercise up to 30_40 minutes reduces the death rate. If you will not involve yourself in any physical activity your metabolism rate will be effected and the calories in your body will not burn, due to which your weight increases and will cause heart or liver problems.


Stress and depression are the most common complications which are prevailing a lot in our lives. To keep themselves away from depression people start to take drugs, which ultimately resulted in earlier death. People already having heart problem when combine with stress and depression resulted in earlier death .Stress give birth to different diseases like obesity, nervous breakdown, heart disease, diabetes, asthma etc.


If you are a drug addict, than it will become the biggest reason of your death. Drug addiction can cause serious long term effects; this will increase the factor of getting less appetite. You will feel a physical and mental distortion. You will stop socializing and this will cause fatigue. Your life will become dull. You will start irritating on small things and you will lose the interest in life. You will lose your Will power. It will target your brain which is the major part of your body, either you inject or inhale the drug. It weakens your immune system.