Celebrities Who Famously Flipped Out At Paparazzi

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Mostly people consider the celebrities as their role model. They try to follow them. They want to dress like them, act like them. Simply just be like them. Many people even went to surgeries to be like them. They always want to know what their celebs are doing, how they are in real life. What's their favorite food, which color they like the most, what is the reason of their fitness. Who is their boyfriend or girlfriend? Whom they are dating, which club they used to go? What is happening in their life?? And the source of getting information about this all is paparazzi. They are the one who is providing information of celebs to all their fans because this is their profession and source of income. For each picture they take and publish they earn money and if they take pictures of something which will be astonishing for others and which will be a big news will make them earn millions of dollar. Of course celebs also want to get famous and they hire their own photographers to follow them around. But if you put yourself in your celebs shoes then you will understand how difficult it is to have always flashing your face in front of cameras. We all need our personal space. We don't feel ok if people always try to put their eyes on our work. We will become frustrate. So celebrities also need to have the personal privacy like normal people and if they won't get that they lose their temperament and this resulted in an incident. Mostly celebs have complained about the paparazzo waiting outside their house. Paparazzi following them everywhere, whenever they sneak out, they are behind them capturing and disturbing their lives. Many paparazzi's complain about the rude behavior of celebs and how these celebs mistreated them. Many of them have become the victim of the incidents. Many of them were hit and abused by the celebs. But still they keep performing their duties. Celebs and paparazzi both need to understand each other and should respect each other because they both are doing their jobs. Often celebs complain that paparazzi are pottering them wrong in front of public and this is creating a bad image of these celebs, they show the wrong picture to the public and this have a bad impact on their lives. Many paparazzi have become the victim of many celebs due to their bad attitude. Here are some famous celebrities who assault the paparazzi and were caught on camera by other paparazzi or the victim paparazzi have reported the incident to the police. And some of them had filed a case against them.

1. Kayne west

Kayne west two times tried to assault the paparazzi. Once on September 11, 2008 and on October 14, 2012.In 2008 west and his manager were arrested for destroying the camera of paparazzi in Los Angeles American International Airport at American Airlines. The pap was taking his photos when he was waiting for the flight. He grasped the camera from the photographer which cost $10,000 and he smashed it on the ground. He then sentenced to deliver 50 hours community service.

2. Justin Bieber

On May 27, 2012 Justin Bieber was reported to have a clash with the paparazzi when he was in Calabasas with his girlfriend Selena Gómez. The dispute was said to be unclear but the photograph posted shown that he was very angry with the paparazzi and maybe he has hit him with the shoe because his shoe was missing, the whole incident is unclear. But the paparazzi filed a report against him.

3. Britney Spears

Britney spears assaulting paparazzi incident will always remain in our mind and paparazzi antiquity will never forget it .Britney 25 was going through a tough stage of her life. She got divorced and was dealing with child custody scuffle. She got bald. The incident took place on February 23, 2007.She was waiting in her car at gas station when a paparazzi arrived and tried to take her pictures. She asked for the privacy but when the paparazzi refused to move. She came out of her car and instead of using her hand she took out a green umbrella from the back seat of her car and starts to beat the paparazzi until the umbrella broke. Nobody filed a report against her, but the whole incident left a big mark on her and portrayed a bad image of her. After 4 months ago she apologizes for her act.

4. Bjork

On Friday January 13, 2008 Bjork went to northern city of Auckland to perform a concert. She was accompanied with a man. As they reached the airport the photographer tried to take her pictures. The man with Bjork asked the photographer for privacy and not to take the pictures. The photographer took 2 to 3 photos and as he turned back Bjork attacked on him and she fell on the ground. And she ripped his shirt in to half. The photographer said that he has not even touched her and he had only taken 2 to 3 photograph. Although the man with Bjork stop her and handle the situation, the photographer did not file the report against her.

5. Hugh Grant

Hugh grant had assaulted the paparazzi many times. He was arrested in 2007, in London when he threw the baked beans at paparazzi and kicked him. And he also cursed photographer that may his children die of cancer. He got arrested for this.

6. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson was accused to kick a photographer. On Friday night he as the actor was leaving the music venue. The camera flashes on his face. Accidently he pushed the photographer. Although it can be seen from the videos that he has clearly pushed him and moved towards his cards. The security guard presents at that time scream to him why did you hit the innocent guy, but the photographer said that he had done this by mistake. He thought that he was someone else.