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11 Black Apparel Companies That Are Getting The Attention For All The Right Reasons

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Do you know what's dropping from your closet? Apparel from the companies run by black people. All companies are just so brilliant in their way that by the time you are done going through this post, you will feel like purchasing from every single company. All these companies deserve attention because the apparel they are coming with is just simply incredible and worth buying.

1 - You will find a voice through your clothes. Head to HGC Apparel

Do you feel like you still belong to the 90s era, and like the 90s fashion trend better? If yes, the HGC apparel will be perfect for you. Their vibrant attire is impressive. Also, the HGC apparel owner focuses on giving the black community a voice they rightly deserve.

2 - If you like comics, then you will love Adorned by Chi for sure

Adorned by Chi sells comics, pins, t-shirts, trousers, sweatshirts, and so much more based on their comics. Their apparel focuses on black comic characters, and it is so inspiring. It's the kind of brand you would want to spend your money on because it's so unique.

3 - Need nude pumps and flats? Visit Rebecca Allen

One thing you must have in your closet is a pair of nude pumps and flats. Rebecca Allen has the best collection of nude pumps and flats. Once you set your eyes on this company's footwear, you will buy at least of pair of pumps or flats.

4 - Inspired by Africa, Amyang Fashun has one of the best apparel collections

The apparel of Amyang Fashun™ is ideal for young adults who enjoy playing around different fashion trends. Wearing their clothing will make you feel confident and go out there and conquer the world.

5 - Trendy and woke apparel by Philadelphia Printworks

Philadelphia printworks believes in social justice, and through their apparel and printing workshops, they make sure more people can fight for social justice in the world. Moreover, the company lets you aware of black history.

6 - Celebrate black pride with Legendary Rootz

Legendary rootz apparel is exceptionally trendy, and their t-shirts are so unique that you cannot help but buy the entire collection of their t-shirts. The messages written on their shirts are incredibly motivational, so buying their apparel would bring a positive change in your wardrobe.

7 - Feel empowered by purchasing Malaika Apparel Co. Wonderful apparel

They have shirts, sweatshirts, accessories, and whatnot. Malaika Apparel Co understands what the young people want to wear these days, and they create their collection by keeping comfort and what's in trend these in their mind.

8 - Fly by knight, a company which give black women a platform to showcase their art

It's vital to support a brand that has the sole purpose of giving black women a platform to showcase their talent and support themselves. This brand not only has a good cause, but it has terrific apparel. Their apparel is one of its kind.

9 - Dope on arrival NYC apparel works great for starting conversations

The company has a wide variety of apparel with a 90s style touch. Wearing clothing from dope on arrival, NYC will give you the voice and confidence you lacked. Also, who wouldn't want to look styling while going out and changing the world?

10 - Stay fit with Luka Fit apparels

Work-out clothes are as important as any other clothes, and Luka Fit has the best work-out garments. The best about this company is that they create their apparel for all sizes of people, so; if you cannot find your size anywhere else, you will find it at Luka Fit. Go ahead and get fit in your Luka Fit apparel.

11 - Celebrate blackness with Shirts be like

This company runs by a family that focuses on celebrating black culture. The shirts created by them are perfect for daily wear, and the shirts are great for celebrating your culture and showing everyone you are proud of who you are.

First, we're encouraging everyone to put your money where your supportive Instagram, FaceBook, or Twitter post is by mentioning black-owned businesses where we prefer to shop and think you should, too. As powerful as it is for companies to help & encourage Black-owned businesses, it's just as vital that we as customers also uplift the Black form community.

To help bring awareness to the police murder of George Floyd, please sign the Change.org petition here, or donate to neighborhood organizations. #blacklivesmatter