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9 Stuff You Need To Have For Your Baby

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Being a mother is a great blessing and a difficult task too. There is nothing like the love surge of a full-body hug or the incredible pride you feel when your toddler takes his/her first step. It's a cycle of emotion. You have to keep an eye on every level. And as a mother, you need to save each and everything ready for your baby. You can face any situation to give comfort and happiness to your child. For this, you need to have particular stuff besides you to tackle your child. This stuff will help you out to make your life and your baby's life easy and comfortable.

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1. Leachco Safer Bather Infant Bath Pad

Bathing a baby is a challenging task. Infants have very soft skin, so you always remain worried about how to handle them during a bath, what if they fall from your hands or lap? What if water gets in his ears and eyes? Leacho Infant bath pad is a soft and safe pad. Bathing can never be as fabulous as it is with Leacho. Now your baby doesn't have to lay in a hard plastic tub. And it only cost $19.99. This bath pad has all the fantastic features, ask a parent. It designed so that babies' heads will remain elevated during the bath to keep water out of the baby's ear. The inner of the pad made up of polyester fabric that is soft and porous, and it comforts the baby body like a soft cushion. Just fill the plastic tub and place the safe bath directly in the container. The more reliable bather pad has a hanger too when you have finished the bathing. Just shake the pad, and you will see the water dry's off quickly.

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2. Ergobaby 360 baby carrier

Who wouldn't love to carry a baby, but our hands got tired too when we carry them for a long time. But Ergobaby carrier is a solution for this. This carrier is a revolutionary 360 carrier that allows the parents to carry their children in a way they want. This carrier is structured in a bucket seat way keeping your baby completely safe with its shoulder straps and extra-wide hook and loop waistband. And it cost $120.00. You can position it in front-outward, at hip and back, front inward, whatever position you are comfortable. Now you can carry your baby for hours with you while you are doing your home chores or during traveling. The carrier has a front pocket and a zipper where you can keep your cell phones, keys wallet, etc.

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3. Ubbi diaper pail

By the time your baby gets potty trained, he or she has to go through about 10,000 diapers. Changing diapers is acquired skilled. For a little help, Ubbi diaper pail is here, with an eco-friendly steel body this is powder coated and contain a rubber gasket to help seal in odors, so baby diaper smell stays. It's conveniently budget-friendly since you don't have to buy any extra bags for it, costing $69.99. Moreover, it is also easy to fit in tight spaces, making it perfect for small nurseries. It can hold close to a week's worth of disposable diapers. When it's time to change the bag, you have to open the lid, tilt the diaper pail, and release the trash bag. Be careful when it's time to change the bag, you get a lot of gross smell all at once.

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4. Fisher-price rainforest jumperroo bouncer

Babies always need attention, ever want someone to play with them, and attract unusual things. If you are doing house chores and need something or someone who can hold your baby and in whose arms your baby remains safe and happy, the fisher price rainforest jumperroo bouncer will lend a helping hand to you. This fantastic bungee-powered bouncer has five variety of toy stations. Your baby can reach and touch each toy with a 360 adjustable rotating seat. Bounce to the moon and back, and there will be so much for your baby to discover; music, lights, exciting sounds reward baby with every jump. Not only this, but jumperoo is also designed for encouraging healthy development. Moving, spinning, and jumping in a baby jumper enhance tremendous motor skills. It cost $59.79.

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5. Baby Brezza Formula Pro

What to do first, pick up your crying baby or make milk for him first then pick him/her up? But it takes a long time to manually preparing baby's bottle. No more nuking the microwave and guessing on how long to leave it in to get the right temperature. No more heating up water in a pan Say goodbye to hassle. This baby breeze made it a breeze by mixing the right amount of formula with the perfect water temperature every time. The price is decent too costing $159.98. No matter what size of the bottle is, it can prepare a bottle within seconds with the push of a button. Amazon.com355 x 355

6. Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

As a parent, we all want to keep an eye on our baby all the time. Even when they are sleeping, so if you are looking for a high-tech way to monitor every moment of your baby, then summer Infant in view digital video monitor is perfect for you. It is affordable, too, the price range starting from $129.99. The LCD monitor is big enough to see the whole of your baby's room. Not only this, but this device is also a two-way communication. If you feel that your baby is feeling uncomfortable, you can calm your baby with the sound of your voice or talk to your baby. Your baby will not feel alone anymore. You can easily control the camera, especially the zooming function. The picture quality is not as good, but you can easily visualize your baby's movement.

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7. Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper - Essentia Series

Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper is the only bassinet that rotates 360 degrees. You can keep your baby near you as much as you want, and you don't need to share your bed with him/her. Your baby can enjoy his little area.

Its height can be adjustable according to your convenience. It's a bit costly, starting from $199.99.

You can quickly move the bassinet next to you when you are sleeping and can swivel it away to get out of the bed. Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper can be ideal for mamas recovering from C-section and nursing mothers.

It consists of a mattress and a fitted sheet. And it's better to get a couple of sheets in standby. I will suggest a waterproof mattress pad.

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8. Uppababy Vista Stroller

Want to give your child a ride like a double-decker. Then bring Uppa Baby Vista Stroller in your home. It's like a first-class ticket ride for your little one. This elegant convertible stroller can carry up to three kids. Vista comes with both asleep safety-certified bassinet that snuggles your baby and a toddler seat so it can grow with your child from infancy to toddlerhood. It also folds up in a straightforward step for easy portability. Because of having many perks, it cost $839.98.

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9. WubbaNub Elephant Pacifier

Bring a little friend for your baby WubbaNub Elephant pacifier. It designed to be perfect for tiny hands to grip and hold. Infants love its adorable long trunk and big floppy ears and this cute stuff just for $14.00. Its patented design keeps your baby's pacifier close. Now, there is no more fear of losing or forgetting the baby's pacifier. Are you worried about its weight? You don't have to because its size and weight have to be carefully balanced to stay in the mouth of babies. The pacifier is easily washable and made up of high-quality polyester and plastic, which provides long-lasting durability.