8 Top Electric Vehicle For 2017

Even with the large amount of automotive information available on the internet, many people still purchase new cars within only a few days of making the decision to buy.

Spending a lot of money to buy this vehicle, you want it to be outclassed. Mostly we thought that we have to spend a huge amount of money for just a time being in purchasing it and after that there will be no story of expense.

But purchasing car is not just a thing; you have to deal with its fuel, tuning and other things. According to a research about 143.37 billion gallons of gasoline were consumed

Are you thinking for buying a new car???

Why not do something different this time???

Why not kick off the fatigue of fuel and purchase an electric car??

Although electric cars are more expensive than their regular counterparts, but if we look into a big picture, it saves our money.

1.  Chevrolet Bolt EV

Chevrolet Bolt is an all electric car is the car for the mass market that general Motors says will go about 238 miles on  a full charge from 60 k Wh battery. Not only this, the battery alone made up nearly 1000 pounds at 3850 pounds.

It is designed in such a way that doesn’t struggle to put its instant torque down to the road .worrying about the incentives? Well mostly it depends on where you live. You can expect to get at least $7,500 from the government. It is best choice for fleets and surfers. The range is also suitable starting from $37,495.

This car has 17 cubic feet of trunk space and 56.6cu of space when you put the back seat down. It beats Nissan leaf (30 cu ft) and BMW i3 (38.8 cu ft)

One of the best thing is that one foot driving. It means that activation of the vehicle’s full regenerative braking power. That’s awesome, you don’t have to use the brake, when you take off your foot from the accelerator and the car will swiftly come to halt.

You don’t have to worry about the techniques because you don’t require any special training for driving this car. The car has diagonal touch screen of 10.12 inch which you can easily operate and control the climate buttons.

Chevrolet has also eliminated the headache to use public charging stations. Using 240v system, the Bolt EV can get 25v miles per hour of charging.

Its electric monitor generates 200 horsepower, means plenty of juice left to pass even on the free way.

2.  Ford Focus Electric

Available in very affordable prize, Ford focus electric is powered by 33.5kwh of Li-oin batteries with active liquid cooling and has an all electric EPA certified range of 115 miles.

A great car to drive, quick, comfortable and has carried over all the attributes from the petrol version, price range starting from $29,995.

This battery powered hatchback delivers the pleasure of driving. The whole system is powered by 23 kWh lithium –ion battery fixed at the hatchback’s trunk.

It has the ability to utilize CSS DC fast charging to recharge at 50 kW, which can add over 75 in 30 minutes. It has unique wheels and badging. On the front left fender there is a charging port in place of the fuel filler door.

Even you can customize the view in the two 4.2 inch LCD instrument cluster screen to show the battery charge status, distant to the next charging station and more.

Not only this, Focus Electric drives the front wheel through a single speed automatic transmission with the feature of 143- horsepower electric motor.

It provides a smooth riding with its direct steering which consists of five-way buttons. Also capable of displaying battery state of charge, estimated range and the location of charging point.

No gears need to be shifted. The electric motor produces 184 pound feet of torque which triggers the focus electric brisk acceleration from a full stop and immediate strangle response.

3.  Nissan Leaf

It’s a five door, five seat hatchback which sits in the compact class. Nissan leaf known as one of the most eco friendly car on earth although, it attracts the eco conscious drivers but doesn’t allow driving days beyond 107 miles. It is 100% electric. It doesn’t need even a single drop of petrol.

This car has two battery options. One is small and the other one is large, smaller one allows a theoretical range of 124 miles. On a single charge, its estimated range comes around 84 miles. Price range starting from $31.545, its exempt from road tax and congestion charge cost.

It also feature a rearview camera, Bluetooth connectivity a four speaker audio system, USB and auxiliary ports and a 4.3 inch display all on the base model. The cabinet isn’t as upscale as rivals.

Leaf module use 107 horsepower electric motor which produces 187 pound feet of torque and in 30 minutes it allows 80 percent charge.

4.  Hyundai Ioniq

Starting from $22,200, this car has a solid frontal design rather than a grille and that’s why it doesn’t need an internal combustion engine.  Its electric power is least, but it is still fastest. With the capability of 218lb ft of torque from rest and you don’t need to pause to change the gear which results in 0-62mph time that just squeaks under 10 seconds.

The interior of car is also smooth and supportive. Whatever information you needed it you can put it into the digital instrument cluster and it will answer your queries. Comprising of three driving mode, eco, normal and sport, depends on the way you want to drive it.

Wireless feature will allow you to charge your phone. You can monitor your energy usage, can find charging stations and can project your smart phone onto the screen. The power train of Ioniq plug hybrid is same as in Toyota Prius Eco, but it has much powerful electric motor and large battery pack than Toyota Prius eco.

Purchasing the Ionic is a sensible idea, because it is not only cheaper to operate but also efficient too, to give nearly an extra mile per kWh.

5.  Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Mistsubshi is an average car that you can roll around your city. Mostly this car is preferred because of the low cost.

iMiev has regenerative braking which allow the car to travel farther in the city than it possibly could on the highway. Mitsubishi battery takes about seven hours to fully charge. The ride of iMieV is bouncy too as its batteries are mounted below the rear seat.

Current price start from $23000, the performance of Mistubshi is not up to the mark and at low speed it usually decelerates. You can expect a typical drive range of just 59 miles before running out of battery power with the slowest speed of 60mph.

6.  BMW i3

BMW i3 has kicked off the headache of battery electric travel, weight, range, price, practicality, battery cost and technology when compare with others.

Although Price of BMW is high starting from $42,400 but it matches its expectation. As compare to its first generation model it has increased up to 40 percent and can run up to 114 mile range on full charge.

With a power of 125 kW and torque of 250Nm, this will be the most comfortable car. Moreover it’s a featherweight car whose body shell is made entirely of carbon fiber which is lighter than aluminum.

Its smart navigation system suggests the optimal route to your destination using traffic volumes along with the charger level of the car’s battery.

7.  Volkswagen e-Golf

What makes this car super cool is the T shaped sunroof which allows in more light and due to this the interior of the car looks bigger.

The 2017 e- Golf offers new and high technology features which include fully digital and interactive Volkswagen Digital cockpit and a pedestrian monitoring. The battery charging is also fast as compare to the previous standard and can charge within 6 hours at a charging station and can run up to 124 miles on a charge.

Electric motor delivers 134 horsepower which let you to cover a long distance easily. The great access to maximum torque of 214lb-ft has the ability to respond immediately when and where you need it.

On the premium model of SEL the DC fast charging is available and on SE base model it is optional. The price range is also affordable starting from $29,815.

8.  Fiat 500E

If you want a good drive in a suitable budget then you need to take the ride of Fiat 500E starting from $33,990.This cute tiny city car will be fine for you as long as you don’t need to go anywhere else.

It uses 83kW electric drive motor which delivers 111 horsepower and 147 lb-ft of torque. It comes up with the standard six speakers, automatic climate control and 15 inch cast aluminum wheels.

Its single speed gearbox transmission directs the output from the electric motor and provides calibrated gear reduction.

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