7 Tips For Beating Tiredness

Getting tired is a dilemma through which we all passes and we were unable to get rid of this. We don’t want to do anything when we got tired, everything sounds dumb and boring. Mostly we felt tired in the morning, between 2 t0 4 pm, and at night between 10 to 11 pm. Well from my point of view we can tired at any time. Like I am feeling tired while writing this blog too. Our mind stops to respond when we got tired. We all tried hard to remain fresh but mostly we failed to overcome it. Trying hard not to put our head on desk or table, toughest challenge is to keep our eyes and ears attentive.  Trying our best not to yawn or feel dizzy but still somehow, we were not able to manage it. And due to this fatigue we have to face lots of problems like our boss got angry, people stop to socialize with us, our management becomes unhappy with us, in fact  the people around us got irritated with our this act.

Well here are some tips which will help to beat your tiredness and will assist you to keep working.

Motivate hydrate feel great

Well the universal solvent that is water is the key which can prevent you from fatigue. Drink ample water because mostly exhaustion is caused by dehydration and due to this you were not able to concentrate properly. It’s a fact that our brain consist of 80 % of water and obviously if this level decreases, we will surely face the signs of tiredness.so take out some time to drink water, it will keep you fresh. One of the brands Vital has taken a good step; they have arranged a timer on the bottle cup. Every time you will open the bottle cap and you drank water from it, after that when you will close the cap back. A timer will be set. After a while when you will get busy in your work and forget to drink water this timer will alert you through its ringing and a small flag also come out of the cap and will make you realize that you have burn some energy and you are dehydrated now, so drink water and get your energy back.

Sleeping, it’s like a drug

Sleeping is the most important thing which is dearer to me and for others too, if you will not go to bed early you will unable to get up early and even if you somehow manage to wake up on time without getting your enough sleep than you will remain tired all day. You will not have as much energy as you need. So it’s better to move early to bed and unplug from technology because these technologies will distract your mind and that’s how you were not able to take ample sleep. Insomnia patients have less energy as compare to others. If you have taken a complete sleep than you will feel good inside and you will have much energy to do your work.

Exercise kills your fatigue

It’s a fact that we all run away from exercise without realizing that this will have a negative impact on us. Exercises kill laziness and fatigue. Exercise has lots of benefits, it keeps you energetic, and it will maintain your balance. It prevents heart diseases. It will energize and build a spark in you and will motivate you towards the work.  It means exercise not only kill your tiredness but will help to prevent you from many diseases. As we know that prevention is better than cure, so it plays a big role in this. It doesn’t mean that if I am talking about exercise than you have to hit a gym, exercise can be in any way like running, Yoga or just walking, when you move your mind get alert and it will help you to fight with fatigue and then you become so much indulge in it that you forget about your drowsiness.

Let’s have a break up with stress

We do not get as much tired physically as we do mentally. And this is all because of stress, tension and work overload. Sometimes we get tired from our work but we cannot leave it until we complete it, and due to this work overload we got tired. So if you have a lot of work to do, than take some break intervals between your works even it is only for 5 to 10 minutes, drink water, listen a song, play games, or eat something this will give a fresh effect to your mind. Stop stressing yourself. You will get nothing in it. It will always cause a bad impact, whatever bad has happened, forget about that.it will give you only negative vibes and because of this you get tired. Think about all the pretty things, about your achievements or anything which will make you happy, this will help to reduce your fatigue.

If you are not eating you are bored

To keep yourself healthy you have to eat, but it doesn’t mean that you will eat whatever you want. Unhealthy food will cause more trouble to you. Don’t make junk food the part of your diet. Mostly people skip their breakfast in the morning when they are getting late; some of them don’t like to take breakfast. All this ultimately weakens your body. If you will not eat, you will not get energy and if you will not get energy you will not be able to do any work. Try to intake something between different intervals due to this your mind also refreshes.

Break the ice

Social interaction with your peers and friends also help to chill your mode. So if your workload increases try to take some relax and have a chit chat with your colleagues and peers. We mostly got bore doing the same routine work which cause fatigue and we become less interested in our work and due to this we make some mistakes unconditionally which affect our work.so instead of getting stuck in this type of problem you should provide some relaxation to your mind. In this way your mood as well as your pals mood will become good and there will be a relax atmosphere around you which will energizes you and hence there will be no exhaustion.

 Nothing than strolling

You can divert your tired mind through strolling too. Just leave your place for a while and roam here and there, your mind will automatically get distract and it will start focusing on something else, it will be more better if you will hang outside. In this way your mind relaxes too.

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