7 Reason Why Cyber Monday Is Better Than Black Friday

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Shopping, hearing this word will make us excited. Especially female, they are shopaholic. Basically there is no one who hates shopping; we all want to wear and buy nice and luxurious stuffs, but our credit cards do not give us permission to fulfill our desires. We just hope that it can happen but shopping is not as such an easy task and not as much fascinating as it sounds. We have to search a lot for the materials we want to buy, than we have to see how much it cost, is it in our budget??? We have to buy stuffs according to our budget circle. When we went out for shopping only few shops provide sales while rest of them are too expensive and exceed our budget. And then we were able to window shop only. But we don't need to cry on this; luckily we celebrate some festivals on which we got things considerably on low prices like Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Hold your breath because all these festivals are in line now. You have a lot to shop. Well we all know that the immediate Monday after Black Friday is Cyber Monday. It's a hectic day for online retailers as it was primarily apparent as the day when workers return to work and shop online for the materials which they were unable to purchase on Thanksgiving and on black Friday. Some people like black Friday and some like Cyber Monday. I also prefer Cyber Monday on Black Friday, well if you ask why, than here are the reasons.


For most of the people their sleep is their everything, or you can say it's their love. They were unable to sacrifice their sleep on any cost. Of Couse if we talk about Black Friday than it means that we have to hit the stores early by sacrificing our sleep and then we have to wait like stupid's for hours standing in a queue. We have to run like a dog from one store to another because of this black Friday. On the other hand on Cyber Monday you don't have to rush to join the lines and you can enjoy your sleep, you don't need to get up to early.


On Black Friday the thing just not ends on giving up your sleep but then you have to run from store to store to like a machine to find out the best deals. While on Cyber Monday you don't have to run for stores you can shop at once and from wherever you want, without travelling.


Only drivers would know how much they have to suffer in driving, and how much energy is required in this activity and driving on black Friday is like walking bare foot on a desert. Fighting with the traffic and not to lose your mind is a big challenge to which we have to deal. Another big task which we have to face is to find parking; it takes almost hours to park your car. While on Cyber Monday you don't need to travel you can shop online.


The deals on black Friday is less as compare to Cyber Monday, and on black Friday you can miss out on deals at another store while rushing for different stores. The famous brands would not be on sale on Black Friday. And many retailers can make you fool too. On Cyber Monday retailers provide more concessions to consumers, so it's better to wait till the offer of Cyber Monday and then shop.


Waiting is the worst task of the world, and if you will talk about Black Friday than things that click to my mind are hustling and a never ending wait. Standing in a queue with the lowest temperature can give you goose bump and as longer you wait, you will lose interest in shopping. You don't have to stand in any queue, you can open multiple tabs for online shopping on Cyber Monday.


It looks like people from all over the world came out for shopping on this day. The crowd is at its peak almost in every store and everyone is in hurry, people push and shove each other. Everyone is rushing like pathetic wild animals, it's like you have entered in a zoo. On the other hand on Cyber Monday you were just chilling with you coffee in front of your laptop or PC hunting for the deals, there is no crowd to disturb you and you don't have to stand in a queue or to run to grab anything. There is a chance of pickpocket also, so you have to be careful about that too.


If you were lucky to buy the things you want than another headache is that you have to carry all that stuff alone, oh my god it sounds already disturb even just to imagine it, than how you are going to cover the whole journey??Even just walking up towards your car sounds tiring. If you hold one shopping bags firmly another fall on the floor, in this way you headed up towards your vehicle, which is a blessing for you .While on Cyber Monday you just have to shop online, you have to give the order, and that stuff will be on your doorstep, there is free shipping . And at last when you have shopped and returned towards your car, don't forget to thank God for your survival. Luckily Cyber Monday is available; otherwise it would become difficult for everybody to shop on Black Friday, because many of us cannot tolerate this. Still many people prefer Black Friday on Cyber Monday. Well let's not argue on that, it depends on you what you prefer. Those who say that shopping is an easy task they will never dare to say it again, once they witness these occasion.