7 Innovative Ideas To Make Your ThanksGiving More Special

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Got tired from routine boring life, want a break?? Than no need to worry, because thanksgiving is on the way. This year thanksgiving is arriving on 24th of November. So get ready to have some fun. Hold your breath and prepare a list for it. Although some people don't celebrate thanksgiving enthusiastically, yet they wait for it, because they want a break from their robotic life. Thanksgiving holiday idea was given by President Abraham to Lincoln in 1863; basically it's thanks given to Squanto because he taught them how to harvest. Well it sounds crazy but in a sense a thanks to Abraham Lincoln too, because of him we got one more holiday. Celebrating thanksgiving in always a same manner will become unexciting too. Now question that arises in our mind is what to do to make your thanksgiving different from the previous one??What innovative ideas we need to make it more thrilling. Well you don't need to think a lot on it, because here are some good ideas which can make your thanksgiving different from others.


Decoration is a catchy aspect. More appealing your embellishment is, more you will be praise. No need to spend a lot on decoration, you just can do small arrangements like by arranging some flower pots, stalks of flowers on stairs, banners of thanks giving, you can made it yourself by simply writing it on a card sheet and cutting it in a beautiful pattern. Pom poms can be made from tissue paper. You can place wind chimps, lamp, lanterns and candles. You can also make some flowers from crap papers. Ping pong balls also used for decoration.


Well obviously i don't mean that you should wear the costume of a turkey. But your dress should be like according to the festival or it should show some hints that what festival you are celebrating, like your dress color can be similar to Turkey. You can wear the bangles made from feather. Necklace made through artificial vegetables, Cap like head piece of turkey. Wearing t shirts on which thanksgiving is mentioned, or carry something related to thanksgiving, picture of turkey on your crockeries, your tables clothes, cushions etc.


Well this day is for sharing the happiness, so you have to spread joy, love and cheerfulness around you. Make a list of people to invite. May be because of your hectic schedule you were not able to be in touch with your friends and relatives, so this day provide a chance to you, to look out for all these people, spend some time with them. Share your laugh with them, have a chit chat with them. Invite even those who are angry with you, because this will leave a good impression on other and it will show how much big your heart is, you will also feel good insight by showing this type of gratitude. Forget whatever happens in the past and try to build a beautiful and delightful present.


Thanksgiving when you heard this word, the first thing which clicks to your mind is turkey. On this day mostly American cooked or baked turkey. It's one of their favorite dishes. Their stomachs crave for turkeys. Other dishes which you can cook beside turkey are pumpkins, mashed potatoes. But you can also try some jalapeno corn bread, parmesan peas, vegetable soup, honey roasted sweet potatoes, truffle cheese mash. My mouth is watering on mentioning their names, how I'm going to react when they will come in front of me. Thank god 24 November is not far away.


Of course if we talk about thanksgiving than one game that triggers to our brain is football, well yes because it's a fact the reason is that the first football championship in New York held on Thanksgiving Day, that's how it becomes the tradition, and many of us watch and play football on Thanksgiving Day. Playing it would be more enjoyable as compare to watch it on television. Kicking, giggling, falling, pushing in this games has its own fun. There are others different games which will be more enjoyable like passing the corn, in this corn has to pass between each member and they have to catch it with any of their body parts except their hands. If it falls on the ground, you will be out. Pumpkin in lines, in this you should divide the teams than stand in a line with your team members .you have to pass the pumpkin to each members, you have to grab the pumpkin between your chin and chest, you cannot use your hand, and if it fall you have to start again. The team which can be quick to pass the pumpkin will win.


Party without music, will not be sound as a party and nor other will take interest to gather in your party. Well gather your guest together and ask about their favorite classical music. Than ask them to sing it up and you can also ask your friends to remember the good old songs which you all used to sing in your adulthood or you can say in your school/high school. It will surely bring a lot of memories, share all those memories with each other, you will have a lot of fun.


You can place or hang a suggestion box in your party, which will grab the attention of many of your guest. At the end of your party ask your guest to write the most memorable and favorite thing which they have seen and enjoyed in your party or anything they wanted to say to you or any suggestion they want to give you on a piece of paper before leaving your door. This will let you know how much they have enjoyed your party, how different is your party from the rest of, and what things they wanted to see, this will help in next year, when you will go to plan again for thanksgiving you can look to their suggestions.