6 Creative Ideas for a Home Makeover without Spending Too Much

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Change is good! For you and for the place you love most, your home. But the million dollar question is, how to bring the change which also justifies the aesthetic sense. Well, if you don't know, here are 6 tips for you to do a makeover of your home.

Clean up the Most-Unwanted stuff

Just have a deep look of your home and you will find tons of "Unwanted Stuff" which is there in your home for long without any reason. It may includes (but not limited to) old furniture, books, magazines, apparel, cartons etc. This is the time for "retirement" so "Just clean'em up".

Going Green

How lively a home would be with 3 kinds of living things. Human beings, pets and plants! Believe me, adding plants to your home is the most simple yet most powerful tip for an amazing home makeover. Your home will be more greener and will look more pleasant. Plant would provide a healthy environment, will help to reduce toxic elements from the air and will improve the overall look of your home.

Bring Color in Your Life

Changing the overall color scheme is one of the most used technique for home makeovers. But it needs proper planning. Before applying any particular color scheme, having a careful look of your furniture and wall curtains is very necessary as your wall colors should match them. Be creative when applying color and if it would be possible for you, go for separate color for each section of your home.

Decorate Your Home Like a Theme Park

This is a little complex and needs a lot of knowledge, research and a perfect execution. Plan a theme of your choice for each section of your home. For example, theme for dinning room, bedroom, kitchen, washroom, lounge etc. For applying a particular theme, you'll have to plan for a certain color scheme, matching curtains and furniture, accurate decoration stuff etc. Ask yourself the following questions: 1- Do I like a Dark or light/soft theme 2- What do I usually prefer? Classical vintage or modern theme 3- Am I a minimalistic Your answers will help you to choose an appropriate theme for your home. Consult an interior decorator if possible.

Light up Your Life

A creative use and placement of lighting in your home is very crucial for a successful home makeover. Try to use soft lights having directional luminance. Be creative with lightings specially when it comes to decorating the place which usually get the least attention, your kitchen.

Show Your Aesthetic Sense to the World

Turn your home into a mini art gallery. But most of the paintings are expensive and affordability can be an issue. So here's a tip for laughing all the way to the bank. There are tons of websites out there which have huge collection of paintings and artworks from thousands of professional and hobbyist. One example is deviantart from where you can buy the paintings you like on very cheap price.