19 DIY Ideas To Make This Halloween The Best Halloween

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Halloween is on its way, you need variety of freaky ideas to celebrate it in the best way. So here are some ideas which will cover different aspects of Halloween. KINKY JACK O LANTERN IDEAS With Halloween almost here you all have been thinking of Jack-o- lantern designs to try this year. Because it has been tradition that almost everyone in our family, especially the kids, will crave their favorite jack-o- lantern designs. It's not necessary to make jack o lantern only with pumpkin. You can use different vegetables or stuff too. There are different amazing ideas for jack o lantern.

1. Dress your Pumpkin in Mummy What you need to do is to glue two big googly eyes on the center of your pumpkin and wrap them in a bandage in a way that eyes need to peek through untitled-1-copy learni.st

2. Witchy witch Majority people crave their pumpkin with a witch face, so you can also crave a witchy look on your pumpkin or if you don't want to crave you can also paint a witch on your pumpkin. There are different stencils available for craving your pumpkin with witch. untitled-2-copy www.designbolts.com untitled-3-copy www.flickr.com

3. Eerie Mason jar You need to paint jars of varied sizes in desired color of stain paint. You need to add one to two coats. Add grisly features with black paint or permanent marker and then spray with a clear glaze for a shiny finish. Pop in battery powered LED lights and you have one jarringly mysterious and simple. untitled-4-copy funfamilycrafts.com

4. Casper the friendly ghost For this you need to pain your pumpkin in white color. Apply 3 to 4 layers. And draw a picture of Casper on it with black paint or marker. untitled-5-copy www.sandiegouniontribune.com Carving a pumpkin is little bid difficult task and it requires hard work because the skin of pumpkin is a bit harder as compare to other vegetables. So now mostly people paint their pumpkin to get rid of carving it. But carving is fun too, so it's not necessary to use pumpkin only, you use other vegetables too for carving.

Carving a pumpkin is little bid difficult task and it requires hard work because the skin of pumpkin is a bit harder as compare to other vegetables. So now mostly people paint their pumpkin to get rid of carving it. But carving is fun too, so it's not necessary to use pumpkin only, you use other vegetables too for carving.

5. Creepy Capsicum You can carve your capsicum with different spooky faces. Use different color capsicum; it will provide more appealing impact, make eyes in triangle shape and for nose add red carrot between the hole, you also need to cut the capsicum above head and fill it with lettuce and cabbage leaves and you can fill the mouth too with red chilies and lettuce leave. untitled-6-copy www.dreamstime.com

6. Watermelon eating Pumpkin For this you need to carve the watermelon eyes, nose and mouth, make mouth a little bit big and carve sharp teeth. Now take a small pumpkin and carve its eyes and lips in a shape that it looks sad or worried and put that small pumpkin between watermelons teeth. Something like this. untitled-7-copy www.123rf.com


7. Frozen ghost banana Well this recipe is very quick and easy. Follow these steps 1 Take some bananas and cut them from the center. 2 insert a stick from its base and put them in freezer. 3 now take some white candies and add one table spoon of vegetable oil in it and microwave and stir till melt. 4 Then dip those bananas in candy mixture and coat them properly, make eyes with the help of chocolate chip. untitled-8-copy pagingsupermom.com

8. Halloween monster mouth cookies This recipe doesn't require a lot of work. 1 Baked some cookies 2 Spread each side with red icing and place on some mini marshmallows for teeth untitled-9-copy

9. Chocolate spider cake Bake cake in doll mould Coat cake with chocolate and drizzle some chocolate sprinkles/shaving. Use white candy to make eye's pupil and black candy melts for eye ball. Make mouth with white cream or add red color in cream to make fangs. Use wafer sticks to make legs of spider. Make spider web with milk and white chocolate. untitled-10-copy funfamilycrafts.com

10. Icy witch 1 Take a scoop of vanilla ice cream and freeze it for 3 hours, until firm. 2 Spread chocolate ice cream on cone which will be used as a hat. 3 Take out the scoop from freezer and place it on a plate or bowl. Put shredded wheat over the top that will act as hair. 4 Use chocolate icing as glue to stick cone hat atop hair. 5 Make eyes with chocolate chip, gummy candy nose and licorice strip mouth. untitled-11-copy www.parenting.com

11. Cheese & Pretzel broomsticks 1 You will need half cheese slice for the broom. 2 Now fringe the slice with the help of knife and wrap it around the pretzel (if you don't have pretzel you can also use wafer sticks). 3 Then secure them with sliver of spring onion untitled-12-copy www.pinterest.com

12. Jack Skellington pops 1 Take some lollipop stick. 2 Dip its one end in white chocolate. 3 Then insert this stick in cake pops 4 After that you have to dip that cake pop in white chocolate. Make sure to coat it well with white chocolate. 5 Let them dry for a while. 6 Now it's time to make the Jack face, for the eyes, you can use chocolate chips. 7 And you can make its mouth with chocolate syrup. 8 Let them cool. In the end take two small black ribbons and tie them up under the jack's face untitled-13-copy www.pinterest.com

13. Jello eyes 1 Fill your silicon cake pop mould with white chocolate and put them in freezer 2 After they cool down fill your pop mould with strawberry jelly, also add edible gelatin powder and put them back in freezer to let them cool. 3 When they cool down take out the pop mould from the tray, then take out the two half of your jelly food candy bomb and stick them together 4 Fill the center space with white chocolate and let them cool so they both can stick together. 5 Now, take a tooth pick or lollipop stick. Dip its one end in green candy melt and make a circle for eye's pupil with it and let them dry. 6 Now take red candy melt in a pippin bag and make red veins of the eye on the candy bomb. Make sure to fill it well and leave them to dry. 7 In the end fill the centre of the green pupil with black candy melt for eye ball. untitled-14-copy finalcutcakes.com

14. Severed fingers 1 Take some sugar cookie dough 2 Roll it in between your hands to give a sausage shape 4 3 Mould it in a finger shape. Means make it a little bit from the centre because knuckles are bigger, 5 Make some lines with a sharp knife on the knuckles area because it contains lines. 6 For finger nails you have to take almonds. Press it in to the upper part of the finger. 7 Place them on a grease cookie sheet and bake them until they become light brown from the bottom. Don't overcook. 8 After they baked, take them out. Remove the almond and fill that space little bit with red food color or strawberry jam. 9 Replace the almonds overtop of the jam and press down around the nail. 10 Spill some red food color or jam at the base or end of the finger and dip a knife too with that red color and put it around the fingers which will give it more eerie look. untitled-15-copy www.pinterest.com


15. Creepy crawler candles 1 Give dining table or mantel a festive touch with imprinted votive holders. 2 Cut strips of foolscap to fit around the glasses and then embellish the foolscap with a spider stamp. 3 Secure the paper around the glass with double-sided tape and place a votive candle inside. untitled-16-copy www.allyou.com

16. Flying Bats You can have a gang of bats flying in your room with few pieces of felt and tape. 1 Get some pieces of black felt or black chart paper. 2 Use a white marker or chalk to draw a bat outline on one side of each felt pieces and cut the bats out with scissor. 3 Take some yellow felt or card sheet, and cut it in shape of eyes and stick it on bat face. 4 Add a piece of double sided tape to one side. Stick the bats along your walls, ceilings, doors and windows and on ceiling fans too, so when the fan is switch on it will spin with the wings of the fan. untitled-17-copy inkbigstu.co.uk

17. Insect printed plate 1 You need white ovenproof plates 2 Sketch simple bugs shape on your plate with light pencil. (You can draw spider, ants or whatever you want) 3 Use liner brush to paint bug designs onto plates with ceramic paint. 4 Once the design is complete allow paint to dry and bake plates to fully cure paint. untitled-18-copy www.zazzle.com untitled-19-copy www.pinterest.com

18. Hanging ghost 1 Get enough white fabric and paper lantern. 2 After gathering paper lanterns drape fabric over it. 3 Cut a slit in the top of the fabric to allow the lantern's metal hanging hook to pop through. 4 Take a piece of string or twine to the hook for hanging ghost. Trim fabric as needed along the bottom to create ghost shape. 5 Cut two oval shapes from a piece of black felt or foam to use as the eyes and a heart shape for mouth. Attach them with hot glue and then hang your ghost from a low tree limb. untitled-20-copy www.halloweencostumes.com

19. Cover the details of your bedroom 1 Hang fake spider webs all over your walls. 2 Cover your house painting with fake blood, you can use red paint. 3 Put some fake pieces of hollow skeleton on your dressing table, side tables and mantels. 4 Take some bunch of branches from outside and stick them in your flower pots. 5 Cover your bed sheets and pillow cover with spooky Halloween faces. 6 Write down creepy words, sentences or lines like BOOO!!!, Get out of my house, I'll kill you, on a black felt or card sheet and stick them on your walls. untitled-21-copy