14 Inexpensive Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom

Got tired of your house? Want to change it? But changing house is the most difficult task. Secondly you have to see each and every circumstances specially the budget and then you have to plan all the things according to it.


Don’t worry if you can’t afford to change your house, you can change the way it looks. Changing the interior of your house can be a bit tricky and mostly can become a burden on your pocket. Your bedroom serves as a life. It’s the most relaxing place and mostly you want to spend all your time over here.

Unfortunately bedroom is the place which gets least attention as compare to other rooms. And in refurbishing your living room and kitchen you mostly neglect it. Mostly its reason of negligence is that it belongs to you only and your guest does not step in your bedroom so you don’t care about its setting.

And because of this negligence, it turns in to a dull place which gives a negative impact to your mood. Now is the time to give attention to this special part of your house.

If you are worried about budget then you don’t need to worry coz this up gradation of your bedroom will not be as much expensive for you.

1. Get Rid of Old Environment

–   The first step you have to take for your bedroom is to change the paint or wallpaper. The thing is to get rid of that old shallow paint which plays the major role in creating the bedroom atmosphere.

–  You need to put on a fresh coat of paint. Be careful about the color, it should not be a dark one, dark color gives a dull and depress look to the room. So get rid of that old soul.

–  Give a charming peaceful look to your bedroom, if you choose combination, it will be classier. Like violet and white, aqua blue, rose pink, cream, tiffany blue and lime green, grey blur or salmon.

2.  Swap your furniture

One of the important thing to do with your bedroom is to rearrange it. Your mind usually got fed up watching the same thing all the time. You need to bring some change in your room, what you have to do is to change the position of your furniture. For example if your bed is with the wall, you can place it near the window, you will get a beautiful view too.

3.  Snuggling place to give more importance

–   Your bed is a magical place which takes you to another world. If your bed sheets and covers are dirty and don’t go with your room, it will give your room an untidy look.

–   Purchase some new bed sheets and bedcovers for your bedroom. You don’t need to buy the expensive one. You can choose according to your budget. You can go through this site http://intl.target.com/c/bedding-home/-/N-5xtv4Z55ri2?Nao=0&sortBy=Featured.

–   Top your bed with covers made for snuggling, like a down comforter.

4.  Bring comfort through pillows

–  Only two pillows with bed do not give bed a cozy look. You need to add some cushions too, at least three or four. Try to mix up the colors. Single color will give your bed a boring look. –   You can mix away the patterns; combine large one with small, floral with geometrical shapes or alphabetic patterns or quotes.

5.  Bring in the new bed set

If you can afford, you may change your bedroom furniture changing the bed, dressing and side tables will give a new and refreshing look to your bedroom. You can choose the bed according to the size of your room, whatever is suitable, double bed or single bed.

6.  Customize the headboard

–   You can customize your headboard too by giving your bedroom a new look. No need to buy something new and extraordinary when you have something old which you can recycle in the best way.

–   If you have an old dresser drawer and you are thinking to kick it out of no use, then don’t.

–   You can utilize these old drawers and storage to create a kind of headboard. Arrange the way you want, you can leave spaces in between too, to give it a stylish look. And you can arrange your books, showpieces, medals, ornaments, flower vase, CDs collection, tissue box and many more.

–   You can change the shape of your headboard too, by giving it a curve look and can add sprinkles.

–   Inspirational quotes give you energy, so you can attach a wood of plank and can fill it with inspirational quotes.

7.  Bundle up your useless clutter

–   Kick off the useless furniture. Sometimes your bedroom is overloaded with useless stuff and furniture and it will give an untidy look. Your bedroom only needs to have that furniture and stuff which are usable and get rid of those which are cluttering the environment.

–   Pack up all the stuff that are no longer needed in a box, like the books which you have read and are still lying on your side tables or desk without any purpose, useless fabrics, dresses old show pieces, stuff toys, empty perfume bottles, which are presenting a creep look. And donate that box.

8.  Lightening effect on room display

–   Lightning plays a great role in displaying the room atmosphere. Bedroom lightening can range from basic to bold, dimmed to dramatic. You can get more information how lightening effect your light from http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-27661394

–   But remember that if you have too much lightening in your room, then it will have a great impact on your health. Sleeping in too much light can cause depression.

–   Don’t install lights directly over the bed. Soft light at face level is much better and comfortable as compare to the direct light from overhead. In the same way dim lightening will create a dull and dark ambience to your room.

9.  Get rid of boring lamp shades

If you got fed up of watching you lamp shades and don’t want to spend money purchasing new one, then you can change their look, which will help a lot.

–   You can dress up its interior and exterior with spray adhesive and fabrics.

–   Embellish it with ribbons, beads or buttons.

10.  Rug pattern should go with your room

–   If your bedroom is large enough then adding a rug will give a great look to your bedroom. But remember that rug should slide under the furniture, underneath the foot of bed, chair or sofa.

–   There are many cute and beautiful rugs available; you can choose according your room theme. Where to place the rug is a question too, for this you need to choose the ideal location according to the room setting, you can get more help from here http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/where-to-place-a-rug-in-a-room_us_570e47a2e4b0ffa5937d9af1

11.  Create atmosphere through lavish curtains

If you have not given your curtain for dry clean for so long, then do it now. When it comes to window treatment, everything counts, whether it’s a fabric color, lining, or its length.

a: Panel length to follow

If your curtain panel length is just 2 to 3 inches above the window, then it’s a time to replace it. Hanging panels higher than the window will give a sense of height to the room. So if you want to give your bedroom a large look, hang the curtains about six inches above the window.

b: Curtain texture to keep in mind

–   Before choosing the textures of curtains consider the mood of the room. If you have enough space in your room then heavy silk or velvet works best.

–   If you have cotton curtains and you don’t wanna buy silk or velvet coz of exceeding budget, then you can blend your cotton curtain with sateen, it will provide a better look and in this way you can save your money too.

c: Choosing the right color

–   Your curtain color should blend with the décor. Choose some darker shades, which go with the wall. For e.g. if your wall paint is of grey and cream tone, then you can choose dark grey curtains with white sateen.

–   And if you have patterned furniture then you should stick with solid curtains. On the other hand if you have solid color furniture considers patterned curtains.

12.  Rethink your desk

–   If you own a desk, then be sure it should be neat and clean, if it needs to be paint then pain it according to you surrounding, black white and grey mostly go with any room.

–   Don’t pile up your desk with stacks of papers and other messy things that tress you out clunking up your bedroom. Put all the stuff organized in a drawer or cabinet.

13.  Give a touch of art to your room

–   Adding frames and art to your bedroom will give your bedroom a meaningful look. Select art work related to emotions of love and happiness.

–   Avoid choosing lonely or sad work, this will increase the stress.

–   You can also customize your wall with your pictures and quotes.

–   Don’t overload the walls.

14.  Bring the outdoor in

Bringing plants into your bedroom can have a peaceful and calming effect on your mind. Placing plants artificial and live have their own unique benefits and whenever you look at them, you will feel refresh. You can keep bonsai tree, small artificial flowers on your room table on desk or on shelves. You can follow these tips and can renovate your bedroom in this way. It will be easy, quick and inexpensive too and your budget will remain sustain. If you have more ideas to upgrade bedroom in low budget, share with us.

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