11 Tools That Will Make Your Kitchen Task Easy

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Simple and Easy! We want our lives to rotate around these two words. As a working woman, our life becomes a bit difficult, balancing our professional and personal experience make us crazy sometimes. Up to some extent, we can control our own life. With the pace of time, we have to adopt and quit many things, especially in the kitchen and cooking. The free time we get, we usually want to spend it with our family and children, babysitting them. So you need to bring these tools and appliances in your kitchen to balance your life and to make it simple.


  • Super Marts Melon Scoop

Cutting and holding a melon is a bit hard, especially when you are in a hurry. So usually, you quit peeling it, and you end up picking up that fruit, which is easy to cut out. But supermarts melon scoop will make this task easy for melon lovers. Now put your knife aside. This scoop separates the fruit from its skin and will be sufficient for kids and adults, you can peel off the melon in minutes. This scoop not only separates the surface of the fruit but also helps to separate the seeds. Its scoop can also be used to fill the center of the cupcakes and other things, which means in just $8, you can take many advantages by utilizing this scoop.


  • Smart Planet Bacon Nation Bacon Master

Who wouldn't love bacon? But mostly we hate the entire process of making it. Now cooking bacon will not be a difficult task. You don't have to turn the sides of bacon to get it to cook from both sides. Smart Planet bacon will deliver marvelous and crisp bacon every time. Say goodbye to embarrassingly greasy breakfasts and bring this Bacon Master Stainless Steel to your home in just $29.99. This dedicated machine cooks up to 6 pieces of traditional or thick-cut bacon at a time. It slow cooks your bacon to a perfect crisp and causes the bacon s grease to drain off to the bottom. You just need to plug it in, hang your bacon slices over the rack, close the top, and choose the settings.

  • One-click Butter.

Well, the name says it all; with just a click, the butter will be on your bread or bun. You need to load a full stick of butter in this cutter and then store it in the refrigerator. It can be a perfect portion for careful diets and frugal living, costing $9.99. This cutter occupies less space as compared to the conventional butter dishes. Your hand will stay clean. Whenever you need the butter, simply click the cutter, and you will get a spoonful of butter. It can be a perfect portion of careful diets and frugal living.


  • GetTen New One-Step Corn Kerneler.

The taste of corn on the cob is much better and more natural than corn from a can. But taking the kernels off the cob is time-consuming and quite messy. When we try to cut it from a knife, they end up rolling off our cutting board all over the counter and floor. A week later, we still find pieces of corn hiding behind our stove, sugar, and elsewhere. GetTen Corn kerneler will make your work easier. Not only this, but it will save you time too. With this, you can remove kernels from the cob in one quick motion. You just need to narrow the end of the cob and press straight down to the bottom. It cost $9.51.

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  • Yolkfish Egg Separator.

Separating the egg yolk from white is a bit tricky. Sometimes you get it just right, but the other times, you just can't do it, and your beautiful bowl of whites becomes a mixture of the yellow and crushed shell. This yolk fish has an exceptional talent to split the yellow from white with a kiss. It will become your new little kitchen helper, so go and grab it in just $8.99. What you need to do is to crack a few eggs in a bowl or pan and then squeeze the yolk fish and bring its lips close to the yolk in the pot. This fish will swallow up all yolk and keep it safe. You can transfer the yellow part to another container or cooking vessel.

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  • Write on a decorating tool.

Birthday treats parties, lunch, and dinner all look dull if you do not decorate it. The presentation matters a lot! The way you present anything can change the overall scenario. It sparkles the face of the people you did for. If you are horrible at using frosting, decorative lettering, then purchase this tool in just $16.Without any effort, write on decoration tools will make this work easy for you. You just need to insert the pencil's tip into warm chocolate, fill the pen with it by pulling the handle, and squeeze the lower part of the pencil. This icing decorating tool personalizes all your baked goodies, whether cookies or making perfect stripes on cakes.


  • The Robot Nutcracker.

With the emerging of new technology, everything around us is transforming into fantastic stuff. The future predicts that robots will be everywhere around us, and its quite becoming true. Now for eating nuts, we don't have to apply a lot of effort for breaking its shell. Part toy Robot nutcracker, armed with unique armor-piercing weaponry that will crack the shells of any nut, from the smallest hazelnut to the most robust walnut. Place the nut in the robot belly and use the windup key to break the nut. You can buy the robot nutcracker in just $25.

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  • The Rollie Egg Cooker.

Almost every breakfast table contains eggs. Why not break the usual style of making eggs, omelets in the morning and switch on something new. No need to get up in the morning and scrambled eggs in the frying pan. This machine ends the laborious process of frying, poaching or scrambling eggs and invites users to simply crack an egg into its upright cylinder and select the desired cooking time. The Rollie Eggmaster changes the usual style of scrambled eggs, forming them into a bottle. You can even add vegetables and cheese for a rolled up omelet and can be fit in budget easily, costing $24.95.


  • Hotman Trivet.

When things start to heat up in the kitchen, the last thing you need is your brand new laminate work surface to have a large saucepan sized single mark. The little Hotman can bear the hotness of your pan on his shoulder. This funny cool hotman trivet is another great kitchen gadget that costs only $20.50.This will help keep your countertops and other surfaces safe from burns without ever breaking a sweat.

  • Mr. Tea Infuser.

There is nothing like coming home from a long day at work, putting on your comfy pants, and waiting for a tea to arrive, and suddenly, you came to know that there is nobody here who can make tea for you. Mr. Tea infuser will be your great companion. You just need to load his little silicone pants with tea leaves, perch him in your cup, and rest peacefully along the rim of your teacup and watch as he effortlessly steeps your tea. It is suitable for all tea lovers. It can be washed easily; you just have to detach the little guy's body and remove it only with your hands. Mr. Tea can become your pal in just $7.49.
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Are you a sushi lover? When you thought it was safe to eat sushi, the jaw Shark Sushi Plate came swimming into your life. This is the perfect plate to use when tearing into some raw fish. This is a handmade item with a shark mouth rising from the bottom of it. You can put anything in its hungry mouth; soya sauce, hummus, veggies, depends on whatever you can want to pour. The tail serves a rest for chopsticks with plenty of room for all appetizers and snacks in the ocean. For its unique design, it cost $165.00.


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