11 Best Tech Gifts For Him For 2017

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Women are shopaholics, and why they can't? They have pretty many things to shop for dresses, shoes, ornaments, jewelry, makeup, etc.

But when it comes to men, our mind becomes blank for a while. Because there is not much for them, dress, shoes, watches, games. These are the basic things which they need.

Surprisingly, a man is a great feeling. We always have to think a lot about their birthdays, anniversary, or any special occasion of his life. The question "What to give him?" left us in thought.

The thing which we need to keep in our mind is, man loves gadgets and techie. So why not gift them items related to techie.

Here are the names of individual tech gifts, which he will surely love.

  • HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer.

Things have become entirely changed as we are living in a modern era, which now has become a selfie era. Who wouldn't love to take pictures?? But gifting a cell phone or tablet to your man isn't something unique. Let your relation give a chance to become more profound. Do you want to bring your memories back? So you and your partner can enjoy it. But the thing is how you are going to do that? How can you bring back memories in your hand?? Well, HP Sprocket Portable photo Printer will make your dreams come true. This device can give a competition to portable instant printers because it prints photos from your phone.

It's expensive but not too much, starting at $130. If you want to make your relationship really special, then you should gift it to your partner.

It doesn't matter your man have Android or iOS, this portable printable is compatible for both. One more exciting thing is that it not only prints the actual photo but also customizes your pictures with filters and virtual stickers. It has a unique app, what you need to do is take a picture, customize it through the app, and then send it to the printer over Bluetooth. This printer doesn't involve any ink or toner cartridge because all the color required for printing is embedded in the HP ZINK photo paper itself.

You wanna decorate your wall room with these pictures? Go ahead, this device delivers printed images that are water and tear-resistant. You can easily peel off the back of the photos like a sticker and can decorate your room wall and paste it on your man's wallet or wardrobe.

  • Tile Slim Tracker

"-Honey, where are my keys? 

-I can't remember where I left them???"

Does your man have a bad habit of forgetting things where he kept? And you are fed up of hearing and searching for his items, coz it wastes a lot of time. Well, here is a piece of good news for you, dear. Now he will not ask it from you. Thanks to Tile slim tracker.

This tracker helps you to trace things. Worried about its size, how you gonna carry it??? You don't have to, coz this tracker is slim and thin like a credit card that can easily fit in your wallet.

What you need to do is to mark the thing lost in your tile app, then that tracker on your gadget will ring until you can find whatever you are looking for. It just costs $30, which can easily fit your budget and is of great use.

And what if your phone lost? It's not a big deal, just double press the button on your tile slim to make your phone ring even silent.

Moreover, the tracker has different ringing options too. You can choose any ringtone you want. You can easily attach the tracker to anything like your keys, wallets, luggage, backpack, and more.

  • Fitbit Charge 2

Running, jogging, weight lifting, etc. we all exercise to keep our self-fit. And this will be your man's favorite activity too. Why not motivate him for exercise??? 

Fitbit Charge 2 will help you out. Basically, this Fitbit charge 2 is the combo of heart rate and fitness band. It has more features than the previous Fitbit Charge HR, and it is the best selling device.

This wristband will monitor your continuous heart rate, sleep and exercise tracking, silent alarms, and Fitbit app also features social challenges that will motivate your man to work out.

This means you can track your all-day activity through this band. This will help your man to monitor the intensity and analyze the effectiveness of his workouts.

Not only this, during his workouts, but he can also stay connected with the outside world by receiving smart notification from his Smartphone, and it just costs $149. And I am sure whenever you will hold his hand, you will find your gifted band on his wrist.

  • R2D2 Desk Vacuum

Do you always find his table/desk mess up with dirt, chocolate or biscuit crumbs? Then I would suggest you buy an R2D2 Desk vacuum for him. This gift would be perfect for him, and it just cost $26.98

This fantastic small desktop cleaner sucks up crumbs, dust, dirt, and pencil shaving. And if he is a fan of star war, then he will surely love it. What does this tiny creature do? You just need to plug it once it is plugged in, it will clean up your mess, all the pies, cookies and chocolates you munch through your mouth during the day on your desk with his front leg.

When he got full of the mess, his head unscrews so you can quickly dispose of the mess into the bin. Hope after gifting this, you will no longer see his desk dirty.

  • Logitech Harmony Home control

Let him give a chance to lead. Usually, guys don't have compromising nature. They want to control each and everything. Especially in the case of remotes, searching remotes of different devices everywhere is not an easy task, especially when he is lazy.

In this case, you need to have a Logitech Harmony Home Control. This universal remote not only works with entertainment devices but can control over 270,000 devices that include TVs, Xbox, cable box, and many more. It cost $149.99

Now, he can easily control his surrounding with just one press.

  • Greenlight solar power phone charger

If he is away from you and you wanna talk to him, but Aah! His phone is not charged, then this uncharged device will create a distance between both of you, and you both will miss each other. Want to kick off this distance and need to have his phone charged all the time? Even when he is outside, then it's the time to gift him a Greenlight solar power phone charger, which just costs $39.99.

It doesn't matter where he is going. He can carry this device easily with him, which will keep his gadgets always boosted. Whether he is traveling in a car or on a plane, he needs to mount the power bank on surfaces like windows, car windshields, or on any hard surface in a way that its solar panel gets better sunshine. As soon as he fixed it in sunlight, it starts producing solar energy, and his gadgets will no longer remain un-charged.

  • Notion intelligent home sensor

This gift can be a miracle for him in just $99. What's the first priority of a man? It is "security." Security of each and everything, whether it's about his life or family's life or safety of his homes and things. This small, simple sensor has a packing of 8 powerful capacities.

He will remain aware of his surroundings like who breaks into the house and realize when water is leaking if a light has been left on longer than it should be, when the temperature of a room gets too hot or cold, get a smoke alert, and much more.

Basically, this sensor will give a voice to home. Notion intelligent home sensor will be a dream for him, so go and bring this sensor for him and make his dreams come true.

  • Zone tech car laptop and food steering wheel tray

Hungry during driving? How to deal with it? Not a big deal now, zone tech car laptop and food steering wheel tray will help you out. This car tray is multifunctional and can easily fit in your budget, cost only $14.8. This can be a perfect gift for constant travelers, truckers, carpoolers, and likes.

It not only serves as a food tray, drink holder, baby tray but also supports your reading material and laptop. It can be easily folded and doesn't require much space. You can easily attach it to your steering wheel for easy access to a writing desk, drink storage, or flat surface.

  • Amazon Echo Dot

The echo dot is a small quieter speaker. It feels good when we give orders to someone, and it acts according to it. So echo dot will act as your slave. It takes the voice command. It provides hands-free voice control music.

Through this device, you can give an order to turn off the lamp, dim the light, calling Uber, and more. It can control all of your smart home devices and audio setups and also use it as an intelligent alarm clock. And it just cost $49.99.

  • Accell Home or Away USB Surge Protector

Is this possible that all your home devices remain charge all the time and all at once? Oh yes, it is possible with the help of Accell Home or Away Power Station. You can not only keep it at your home, but you can carry it anywhere you travel.

With the three power outlets, the Accell uses a single power input that is easily folded away for storing the adapter. This small device is a great help and can keep a couple of devices charged and cost only $19.99.

A power strip you can easily pack into a bag can mean the difference, trying to stretch the last 10 percent of the battery over a long time so you can enjoy fully charged devices everywhere.

  • Ricoh enhanced binoculars Ricoh NV-10a.

"I saw that, but suddenly due to the heavy rain, it becomes blurred, and I couldn't find it anymore." Due to a bad atmosphere, we missed many things. But not anymore, Ricoh NV_10A Enhanced Binoculars has advanced image enhancement technology to remove interference from the elements like fog, rain, and snow.

This binocular can be a bit hard on your pocket, costing $4,200. But if you can manage and think your man needs it. Especially if he belongs to military, marine, rescue, firefighting, then you should gift it to him. He can also use it for spotting games during hunts, sightseeing during nature trips.

This binocular has some advanced technology and selections that improve, clarify, brighten, and sharpen the image that appears on the eyepiece.


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