10 Ways To Read People Like An FBI

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As human beings, we have many desires, some are really fascinating, and some are damn silly, most of our wishes come true and most did not. Nevertheless, we continue to build our hope, and over time, that unfulfilled was no longing there, and instead of it, we have some new wishes. One of my requests, which I desire from my childhood, is to get a look inside people's hearts and minds. Silly Na??? But I really want it from my whole heart. I wanna see what others are thinking. And I also thought if I cannot get into everyone's mind or spirit, at least can I get into my partner's mind.

When he is lying to me? And when his feelings are genuine? I think getting in our partner's mind is a wish we all desire. Just kidding, now you don't need to feel ashamed for this, coz it's a natural wish. Most people have the quality to read other's minds. FBI agents especially have those skills that they can get in others' thoughts and can easily suspect their victims. I think you are not surprised by this, you too may have witnessed some people around you, who can exactly get to the point what other one is thinking or what is in their heart. And then you are like, oh how come he knows that??? Is that a magic trick??? Well, fortunately, my desire to read others has come true to a great extent. Well, you know this is not as such a difficult task as we think. Because it's just a mind game. According to research, people speak through their body language. The thing is that you will have the key to a person's mind or heart if you understand body language. Do you wanna read other's people minds too like FBI agents, well here you go. Psychology Today

  • Observing the habits and details.

For this, you have to notice the behavior and habit of people around you, and it takes a bit time to see each and everything, like how a person eats his food, which faces he usually made, when they touch the hairs, etc. Every sign has a different reason. Some point out their nervousness, or avoiding you, are stress, overexcited, hiding something or lying.

  • Inquiring provide information.

Once you note down and create the baseline, now is the time to ask the questions. Because questions will help you to get in detail, and you can quickly know what is going behind. You can request a question first informal ways like, how are you? How's your day going? After that, you have to create a comfort zone, you need to learn about that person and do this by asking different questions, through which you can learn about that person's personality. For example, if you request, which movie do you like the most? And if the person answers that, I love Titanic, or The Notebook, or La La Land, then you can easily understand that the person is romantic in nature.

  • Compare the usual behavior pattern

If a person is showing some unusual behavior, then as he used to have, it means there is something fishy. Like if he is getting frustrating on small things which he not used to do, or he is a whole quiet day, it means that he/ she is hiding something and is worried about something. About Jobs

  • The Handshake.

When we meet somebody, we shake hands. It is the most generalized and recognized way of greeting the world. This handshake tells a lot about the person. For this, you have to learn the types and details of a handshake.

Perfect Hand Shake

A good handshake is the one in which thumbs are locked around each other's upper hand, and fingers must be firmly gripped. It shows that the person is self-confident, able to lead and follow easily. It can work well with others and can be easily trusted. It also shows that there is no hidden weapon that could be used during a meeting.

The Push Off And Pull-In

Usually, when we met after shaking hands, horizontally, we push it or pull it in slow motion. Push-off shows a negative impression, and it's like you are not happy with that person, and you want that person to leave early. On the other hand, pull in displays a positive sign. It shows the enthusiasm you have. How happy you are with that person, and you want to be close to that person.

The topper

If the person holds the hand in a way that his hand is on the top and the other person hand's is under his hand, that means the person who is holding the side at the top has a dominant personality and wants to control the weaker person. Basically, it's a sly way of letting the other person know who is in charge without being aggressive.

Two hand shaker

It involves the right hand is being shaken, and the other side is cupping the shaking hand. Or putting the left hand on another person's shoulder while shaking your right hand is a sign of trust and sincerity. It also shows how much you are comfortable with that person. The person is giving comfort to you and wants to put you at ease.

Fast Shake

If a handshake is fast, like you quickly grab the hands, shake it up and down and then release it promptly, simply shows that the person is in rush or emergency. He doesn't want to waste his time in greetings, but he needs to follow the formality.

The finger shake

Instead of clasping the whole hand for a shake, if a person just grabs the fingers and shakes it, doesn't touch his palm during the handshake, means that the person wants to keep you at distant, he is shy or is hiding something.

Shaky and sweating Hands

It is a sign which shows the nervousness. When a person is nervous, they are more likely to sweat. This means it's a sign which shows weakness.

Fist bump

The fist bump is the sign of comfort. Instead of shaking hands, the fits are bumped into each other. Mostly it can be seen between the people who are too close to each other, like BFFs and siblings.

Pointing Finger

Pointing fingers at somebody consider as rude. Most people use a finger pointing gesture when they are concerned to defend themselves by using it as a counter-attack. A person who points a finger gives the impression that the person he is indicating is weak and that the pointing one is the dominant one. Get more detail of handshake https://lonerwolf.com/body-language-handshakes/

Position of hands

A clenching hand at the back or hand Clasped at the back shows is a sign of superiority, confidence, and power. It also conveys that the person is angry, and the other person is in his charge. It also sends the message the person's rights are ended where else someone else's begins.


Steepling is a way in which fingers are pressed towards the sky. If a person is steepled in front of his face, it reflects that the person is in deep thought or is focused and listening very attentively. It also shows confidence.

Clenching fist

Clenching fist shows that the person is in pain or is angry, and they are controlling it.

Crosse Arm

If arms are closed on the chest, it shows the defensiveness and resistance. It means that person doesn't want to open or communicate. In this way, a barrier is put in front of the body, as some sort of protection. It also shows the feeling of insecurity, and the person wants to comfort him.

Hands in pocket

Hands in the pocket show a mixed behavior. It is positive as well as negative, too, depending on the situation. It also indicates boredom. It is the best way to hide the information as hand gestures convey a lot of messages. During interviews and meetings, it is not considered as a good sign.

Hands-on Hip

Hands-on hip shows that the person is ready to take charge of his work and is attentive to Huffington Post UKThe language of feet

Cross Leg

When the person is standing, leg across means he is not interested at all. Or he has a closed mind about the topic you are discussing. It can also be a sign of submissiveness. But on the other hand, Crossing the legs while sitting shows that a person likes to argue or compete. It means that he is open to communication. Sometimes it also conveys that the person already has a decision or a conclusion.

Feet pointing towards you

If someone's feet are pointed toward you, then it is a good sign. It shows that the person is interested in you and your communication and wants to spend time with you and vice versa. If they are pointed away from you, that's bad, it shows the lack of interest. 

  • Leaning forward

When you like somebody, you want to be closer to them. The closer you get, the more interested you are. It shows that you are interested in the talk. But sometimes leaning in extra is also a sign of warning.

  • Raising eyebrows

Raising eyebrow show, a mixed signed of emotions. It shows the gesture of surprise, worry, confusion, and fear. Sometimes people also raise eyebrows when they are frustrated or bored.

  • Avoiding eye Contact

There is a saying that Eyes are windows to the soul. Avoiding eye contact is a gesture that shows that you are hiding something, or you are lying. Good liars are also aware of the notion that eyes cannot lie, so if someone is avoiding eye contact during communication, it means that person is lying. iMotions

  • Facial Expressions

Our face is like a projector. When you are happy inside, you face lit with a smile, and when you are sad, it automatically turns down. Whatever the person is saying, if it doesn't go with their face, it means that they are lying. For example, if your friend is looking sad and you ask him, and he replies that he is fine, but his slight pull-down lips in the corner jaw and loss focus in the eyes shows that he is lying and is actually sad. Sometimes the facial expressions show certain emotions, on the other hand, they can be deceiving too. Coz people can hide their facial expressions really well. You can get the complete guide of reading facial expressions from here: http://www.wikihow.com/Easily-Read-Faces-and-Facial-Expressions

Overall, understanding a person just does not depend on one thing: you cannot rely only on the body language; you have to read everything, the behavior of a person, his body language, his attitude, voice tone, facial expressions. Then you will get more insight into a person. After learning the mind-reading, don't forget to take this test and share your thoughts. https://plbz.it/36zl0Wd